Friday, June 25, 2010

I'm a cookie MONSTER!

Well it is 7 am.. I would typically be leaving work in a few minutes however I had last night off! I am heading back up to the Adirondacks this weekend to race the Tupper Lake Tinman half-iron and then ride a loop of the Placid course on Sunday. I sent Brett (the guy who suggested riding the course in the first place) an email when I got back from training camp last weekend that said that I would definitely be riding the course. He replied back, "One of two things: the Placid course is either tame enough that you think you can tackle it after Tinman, or hard enough that you think you need it in preparation!" HAHAHA definitely #2 buddy! Anyways, I'm going, he might be going, either way - it's gonna be fun!

I got invited to Matt Kellman's beer tent after the race. I may have to accept that invite! :)

Yesterday I got all of my stuff ready. I took my bike into Park Ave BS and Alex put my Zipps on and did a derailleur adjust for me.. THANKS ALEX! I'm basically packed. I do have to go eat a pancake breakfast before I head out and unfortunately, I could not find anyone to go with me (it is Friday..) so I guess I am going alone. And actually, I don't like pancakes so it's going to be a french toast breakfast for me!

Mary sent me my race plan yesterday. Then she sent me an email 3 minutes later telling me that I could ignore the chicken in the "eat pasta with chicken for lunch" comment (I am a vegetarian). Haha! Thanks Mary, I was getting ready to dive into a bucket of KFC when I saw that 2nd email! She also sent an email out that it is good to snack on things like pretzels and fig newtons the day before a race. Oh ok, so Mary said it was ok to eat cookies? Well, they're not chocolate but at least they're COOKIES! And then I proceeded to eat half the box.. YESTERDAY. I love cookies. :(

I'd better get going. Single girl diner breakfast for 1 is waiting for me. Hahah!


  1. LOL on diving into the bucket of KFC. I love cookies too!

  2. I am a big carnivore, but I will NEVER eat KFC. Gross! haha!

    Good luck this weekend @ both the HIM and riding the course again!

  3. Double Stuff Oreo is my weakness, and I love me some KFC, but I always end up paying for it later!


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