Tuesday, June 29, 2010

just let me whine for a little..

I have not been in a very good mood today.

I did not sleep well at all yesterday.

I am worried to a ridiculous degree about what I am going to do for wheels at Lake Placid.

I feel like my life is going to be moving at the speed of a snail for the next month. I don't like this. I am incredibly impatient and I prefer things to happen NOW!

I am nervous about the Ironman. There are potential distractions in my life which I would welcome but they are not happening fast enough for me and it just annoys me more!

I probably just need to calm down!

Anyways, I am done whining (for the moment anyways). Sorry!

I have to go to a friend's wedding reception on Saturday (he and his wife got married already). Yesterday, I pulled the dress out of the closet that I want to wear to the reception. I am not really a dress-wearing kind of girl. I wear lots of casual skirts in the summer, but never dresses. So I hadn't put this dress on in 2 years. And now.. it's WAY too big on me. It's just a strapless sundress but when I lift my arms up (emulating my sweet drunk-girl dance moves) it falls completely down. Luckily it came with detachable straps (I prefer to not use the straps but I think I am stuck with them this time!). So even though I have lost absolutely no weight at all, even with all of the Ironman training, I am definitely leaner. Because that dress used to stay up!

So I will be wearing my too-big dress & flip-flops all while going to this wedding thing without a date, which I should be used to by now! I just got an invitation to another wedding in August. Can someone save me from these things?

I think I will feel better when I am off of this night shift. I am supposed to work evenings next week but our building is on shutdown (they shut the factory down for a week to do maintenance) so I get to work days. I will be on 3 consecutive weeks of days! YAY to getting my 9:00 pm bedtime back! Also I have Monday off for the holiday weekend!

What I need to do is focus on what is happening in my life right now and try not to worry about things that are happening in the future, things that I want to happen, things that end up stressing me out, etc.

Think positive thoughts! At least my weekend pre-Ironman suffer-fests are in the past!

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