Monday, June 7, 2010

riddle me this

Today I have a rest day. Yay for that! I am SO SORE after racing yesterday! I suppose it's normal. I am not used to riding 19.4 mph. I am used to riding 17-18 mph for a long long time. I think it's the bike that hurt me. I was clenching those aerobars with a death grip (that I didn't even know I was doing until I got to the downhill).

I looked at my trainingpeaks account last night to see what this week had in store for me. It's an exact repeat of what I did 2 weeks ago (except no 5K Sunday morning). Nothing shocking. 16 hours with a big weekend (big ride Saturday with a 30 min T-run, 2 hr ride/2 hr run on Sunday). However Mary wrote a little comment under Monday (which is my rest day) that said this:

There is a secret to this week. Do you know what it is?

When you figure out what it is, what is the point of it?


Umm.. I have no clue. I feel kind of stupid!

I will have to think on this..

Yesterday I RSVPed to my friend Jon's wedding reception. While I am more than happy to go (it's only in Hamlin) I have 2 annoyances (neither have to do with him!!). Firstly, I will have to go alone.. AGAIN! I don't even KNOW anyone that is single who I could go with. And secondly, it's at 12:30 on a Saturday so I'm going to have to move some big workouts around. I can't expect to fit everything in my life neatly around my training schedule - although I do try - and this is one of those things! But I hate moving workouts and it makes me grumpy! My long ride is always on Saturday and I usually ride with my friends Kim and Ken, so I will most likely be riding on Sunday (which will be the 4th of July) by myself..


  1. Here are some hints:

    It has nothing to do with the 5K.

    Where do these 2 weeks fall (really, this is not a fair question, Im the one who designed this after all....)

    And what do we have if we repeat the exact same thing at different points in a build?

    Teaching moment. :-)

  2. haha I didn't really think it had anything to do with the 5K.. I was just being a smart ass :)


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