Tuesday, November 2, 2010

it's trainer season..

Wow. Yesterday I did my 1 hour on the trainer. It was rough - I am REALLY out of shape! It will be good to get back into it though. I had to pack my swim bag for today because I go to the gym right after work. Swimming? What's that?!

One thing I need to do is get my tri bike onto my trainer. My old, ill-fitting road bike has been set up on my trainer for the past year. Literally, there has been a bike mounted on a trainer in the middle of my living room for over a year. (Don't worry, I have it positioned so that I can lie on my couch and the bike does not obstruct my view of the TV). I did all of my winter pre-Placid training rides on my road bike/trainer combo and while it's ok to use during the summer when I don't feel like setting my tri bike up on my trainer for an hour recovery spin, I really need to get the tri bike on the trainer now for the upcoming long rides, because they are important. The tri bike is more comfortable and is what I race on so it only makes sense to do all of the long trainer rides on it. Unfortunately, that means I have to adjust my trainer to accommodate the smaller wheels.. and that might take me an entire afternoon to do because I am not so good with tools - wrenches and whatnot.

A non-tri related task that I need to start working on is organizing/cleaning my apartment. I'm not talking about dusting, vacuuming, bathroom cleaning type stuff. I'm talking about a purge of all the shit that I don't need or use. I have always wanted to have one of those adult looking minimalist homes where there's not a lot of clutter.. but in reality my home is the exact opposite of that. I have a pretty small apartment and a TON of crap. Especially because I have lived there for almost 3 years - stuff just tends to accumulate. This weekend I was trying to find my cat's nail trimmers and I just couldn't find them! However, during the search, I found 3 Yankee candles that I bought last Christmas that I previously had been unable to find. I have an assload of clothes that I will probably never wear again, old college biology textbooks, parts to a computer that is no longer in my apartment, just sooooo much crap. Winter is the perfect time for "the purge" to happen.

So the moral of the story is.. I am messy. And out of shape. I aim to fix both of these things ASAP!


  1. I love a good purge too :-)

    I'm fortunate that we move every 2ish years so not a lot of time to accumulate shit. I have been know to rent a dumpster and have it delivered to the front door; then I play, "if I haven't touched it in a year it is outta here."

    It's a fast acting game that must be completed before the Commander gets home or I'm in some deep do do!

  2. Be happy that you live alone! Sometimes you can can't rid of stuff faster than the pace of new stuff coming in!

    I too want to be one of those grownups with NO clutter.

  3. I totally laughed at your line - don't worry I have the trainer positions so I can lie on my couch and still see my TV around it! I need to get my little tri bike on my trainer too...maybe once you figure it out you can come do mine too!

    I'm back at it this week too...I'm sorta out of shape and sorta used to running home to my couch instead of the gym after work...but we'll get there!

  4. Nothing like a good cleaning. Getting rid of old stuff, just typically to bring in more stuff but getting rid of it is still good and sometimes fun to go down memory lane.

  5. Your living situation sounds exactly like my last one. I bought a townhouse in May, but before that, I had been living in a small one-bedroom apt for 4.5 years. The "centerpiece" of my living room was my bike on the trainer... when non-cycling people came over (which was rare, since my place was not optimal for entertaining) they were usually dumbfounded by it. When I moved out, I found all sorts of things I'd a) forgotten about or b) had no idea how they got there in the first place. Sadly, having a bigger place hasn't translated to less clutter... it's just clutter spread out over a bigger area (or hidden in the basement).

  6. UGh!! I need to do the same thing!! I think Im going to have a winter sale to get rid of the junk!! Congrats on starting training again!! You will get there!!

  7. I have two huge bins of stuff just waiting to be sold at a garage sale some day. Ugh!!
    Good job getting back on your trainer. I'm not quite ready for that yet, but I know those days of "having" to ride on the trainer will be here before I know it!

  8. yup. i was wondering if i wrote this post.

    how are your lats after swimming today? apparently, there are things called arms attached to this torso that has been getting a little soft around the edges.

    setting my trainer up this week. i am getting technical this year, with a "trainer tire." though, my trainer is still approx 20 years old.

    how much you want a bet that the only difference in my and your training plan this week is my 1hr african dance on wednesday?

    :raises a class to starting a new season: let's go get 'em, girl.

  9. I have no running in my week due to a silly hamstring.. so it's bike, swim, bike, swim, etc.

    my arms were like.. what is this wet stuff?


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