Wednesday, November 3, 2010

swimming, sweatpants & Syracuse marathon!

Just want to wish Coach Mary and her family good luck as they travel to Panama City for IMFL today! Matt C. will be joining them down there at some point as well. Ironman day is Saturday!
I don't know where my brain has run off to lately. Yesterday was my first swim workout for the new season. Swimming is my least favorite of the 3 things to do, but I understand that it needs to be done so I go and I do my workouts. I may whine, but I get that shit done. I printed my swim set at work, stuck it in my purse, and then went straight to the gym after work. I was all ready to go - swimsuit on, cap and goggles in hand - when I realized I had left the workout in my car. Which was parked half a mile away in the parking garage. F%*&. There went my motivation. The tiniest thing can derail my motivation to swim because it's BARELY there to begin with. I did not want to have to put all of my clothes back on and walk back to the 3rd floor of the parking garage for a piece of paper. This is where having a cell phone with internet capabilities would be so very useful. Unfortunately, I am stuck with a 3 year old ghetto cell phone that likes to turn off at random. Anyways, I decided to pull my workout out of my ass. The only thing I could remember was the drill that I was supposed to do. So I did a warmup. Made up a set. Then I did the drill work.

Not the way I wanted to get back into swimming, but oh well.

I went home after the gym, changed, then walked to my polling site and VOTED! Yeah America!

On my walk home from voting, my friend Mark over at TriDadofFive called me. He wanted to see how my training was going. Also, he is hosting one of my Syracuse teammates (teammate AND Train-This coach), Kelly (TriMommyLife), for a 50K in the Rochester area this weekend. I think they know each other from grad school maybe? Not sure. Anyways, while I was talking to Mark, Kelly called him. And this is what ensued..

Mark: Hang on, Kelly is calling me on the other line.

Me: ok

Mark (comes back to the line I'm on): Kelly wants to know if you're wearing pants.

hahahahahah! I think these crazy triathletes know me a little too well.

Unfortunately, I was wearing pants. It is just too cold in my apartment now to go pantsless. :( It is a sad day for Alexa when the weather turns cold and forces me to slip into my winter version of no-pants: giant sweatpants.

On a final note, Ultra Adam brought this to my attention last night - Syracuse is getting a marathon (and half-marathon)! It's surprising to me that Syracuse does not already have a marathon, but good for them!

I'm always up for a half-marathon within driving distance. It's kind of funny, the course is just a giant loop around Onondaga Lake, which I believe is one of the most polluted lake in the USA. Maybe the runners can pass the time by looking for wildlife with odd-numbered legs. However, October in Syracuse is very pretty so that will be nice! So all of you NY state residents, keep that one on your radar!


  1. Swimming is my least favorite too! Good job figuring out another workout instead of skipping it all together. Just being in the pool swimming is better than not swimming at all!

  2. Yeah to getting your workout completesd anyways!! I think Im beginning to enjoy swimming more and more lately! Woot to Syracuse for getting a marathon! I think I might sign up~

  3. My return to swim went ok but my return to the bike did not. When I threw my bike on the trainer at 9:30 last night so it would be good to go at 5:30 this morning I thought all was well but I could not get the trainer to meet the tire. So I pretty much did a 45 minute free spin in zone .5 and decided that since my ass hurt after sitting on my bike for 20 minutes and so did my arms and shoulders there was some benefit in that wasted time at dark o'freakin thirty!

    We'll work out the kinks eventually I hope :)

  4. Onondaga Lake was a very polluted lake but is not anymore. Still some mercury in it though. People do swim in it and they have jet ski races in it. I wonder when they will hold a tri around Onondaga Lake Park.


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