Monday, November 15, 2010

lazy blog list

I think I am going to follow suit with what my friend Amelia did in her blog. Yes I am copying her, but I am really tired, forced to stay awake, and I can't think right now. Basically, she made lists of the highs and the lows of her week. I am pretty much doing the same except mine is more.. current/upcoming things. Let's face it, I am exhausted and being lazy. I don't even have the energy to type out any more complete sentences! I can't wait to go home and pass out. (I may have already napped sitting upright in my computer chair at work - that's definitely a first).

Things that are bumming me out:
  • I am still on C-shift at work
  • the daunting task of cleaning my apartment
  • my cat might have a cavity which means she may have to have a tooth pulled
  • I will not get to see Ultra Adam for a long time.. like a month!
  • having no vacation time for the rest of the year
  • I have a freakish amount of bills to pay this month
  • I ran for too long on Sunday and now my hamstring and my quads hurt

Things that make me smile:
  • the new Harry Potter movie comes out this week
  • I am all caught up with episodes of Glee
  • the thought of going to bed immediately when I get home
  • I got to go to Chuck's on Sunday (my favorite bar from when I lived in Syracuse)
  • I also got to see a Syracuse Orange basketball game!
  • the weather is SO NICE for November
  • it's almost that time of year ---- CHRISTMAS!


  1. bahahahahaha! I have been to Chuck's! Also known as the sticky floor bar? I had no cash on me and it was like $1.50 pitcher night or something, so I used my credit card to pay. Oh! And the bouncer dude (who I think was younger than me) asked for a 2nd form of ID because I was 5 years older than everyone else getting in. He thought I had a fake ID.


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