Sunday, February 13, 2011

I heart my iPhone

So, in honor of the impending and ever-dreaded Valentine's Day, I have traded in my quest to find a husband  boyfriend  Valentine or any guy that will take me out  talk to me  glance in my direction  acknowledge my existence - for an iPhone.

My iPhone lets me talk to the people in my life that like me, it lets me stay connected and up to date with the Train-This google group and my facebook friends, I will never get lost while driving or cycling again because of its GPS, it's reliable, entertaining, cool-looking, has a pretty sweet case, takes photos, and as a bonus, it vibrates!

Just kidding. That's gross.

In all seriousness, my iPhone is DEFINITELY awesome. Any doubts that I had about the cost of the phone or the plan evaporated when I actually got it on Monday. I had it shipped to Kim and she brought it to yoga to give to me. Once I got home from yoga I pulled it out of the packaging and had it loaded with my contacts, apps, some music, photos, and had it up and running in an hour. I added custom ringtones to it on Tuesday (now, if you call me, I will be alerted by Paul Simon singing "You Can Call Me Al").

For all the people out there saying how much slower the Verizon 3G network is than AT&Ts, I expected webpage loading time to be super slow. It's not. I haven't tried to do anything like stream a movie on Netflix; although I'm sure I will play with that at some point. I'm still fascinated by texting on it, because it displays your conversation like an ichat screen! I can even get bars for the 3G network at work. With my old phone, which was on the regular, non-3G network (whatever that is.. 2G??) I could barely even get a signal at work and sometimes calls to my phone would just go straight to voicemail.

So, Happy Valentine's Day to my iPhone. I don't suppose it has an app that will buy and deliver flowers to me? Or snuggle with me so I'm not left to my own devices (snuggling with a giant stuffed unicorn). The iPhone had better prove its worth in other departments - because these days it may actually have some V-day competition (not from any man - or any living, breathing human being even), but from one of the following: my kindle, my lululemon yoga pants, my cervelo, or my cat.

At least the cat snuggles!


  1. lovin the ringtone-thats on my run playlist!

  2. Dude, remind me not to ask to borrow your vibrating phone. ha ha

    My kindle would win for sure. And my dog. :)

  3. "I don't suppose it has an app that will buy and deliver flowers to me?"


    At least you have named your iPhone yet. You haven't named it yet right? :)


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