Tuesday, February 1, 2011


The unthinkable is happening.. Verizon Wireless is finally getting the iphone! As a self-proclaimed Apple fan (I have a macbook and 3 ipods) and gadget-lover in general, I bet you can imagine how excited I am!

Pre-ordering the iphone starts at 3 am on Thursday. At yoga last night, Mary says "You don't get up at 3 am to order a stupid iphone. That's only for Ironman!" Mary hates the iphone. (Mary is crazy). For the record, I am getting up at 2:45 am.

I didn't get up at 3 am to register for Ironman. Oh wait.. I actually got up at 1 am to drive 6 hours to wait in line for 6 hours to register for Ironman Lake Placid.. and then drove 6 hours back home. But you know what would have helped to pass the time while sitting on a curb for 6 hours? AN IPHONE!!

I anticipate that this will be like online registration for IM Wisconsin.. staring at the computer, reloading the page over and over again because it's being overloaded by crazies.. finally getting into the system and then just typing in as much info as fast as humanly possible, only to hit send, pulse racing, to zap a large chunk of money through cyberspace, worrying that you might actually be crazy. $600 for a race? $200 for a phone? How did this happen?

I think the iphone will play an integral part in my triathlon lifestyle. If When I get lost on training rides, I can use google maps and the GPS in the phone to guide myself home. When I am traveling to and from races, I can check the weather, the race day schedule, and contact friends who are also doing the races (I can still do this last thing on the regular, boring, non-iphone cell phone that I have now). When I am REALLY traveling (like.. oh.. to say Idaho, or Wisconsin) I can use the iphone to navigate through the strange, new places I will be visiting.

I will never have to worry about being internet deprived for a week straight like I was in Lake Placid. When that happened, I carried my ipod touch around EVERYWHERE just in case I could find a free wi-fi signal.. and when I found one, I furiously checked my email and facebook page like some sort of cracked-out freak. Hi, my name is Alexa, and I am addicted to the internet. You know when you don't want to be internet-deprived? THE WEEK BEFORE AN IRONMAN WHEN YOU ARE GOING CRAZZZZY!! Never again. Thanks to the iphone.

If for some reason, I fail to get my iphone pre-ordered, I'm sure you'll get to read ALL about it!


  1. I'm super excited about the verizon iphone as well!!!

    But you should watch this crazy lady, it's pretty funny :)


  2. I have a number for this guy. He is really good at listening to your problems. He might even Rx you some pills for being CRAZY! hahahahahaha!

    Getting the first-gen Verizon iPhone is like buying a first year model car. I'd let the bugs get worked out until the next gen comes out.

    Have a great Thursday!

  3. I have relied on my iPhone MANY times for compensating for my horrible sense of direction on long training rides. And it is great for traveling to look up weather, restaurant reviews (definitely download the Yelp! app), etc. Enjoy your new toy!


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