Wednesday, February 2, 2011

snow day!

Yesterday, (after the busiest day of work at this job that I have been at for a year now) I was walking to my car at about 6 pm after finishing up my swim at the gym, and my phone started ringing. My phone has been ringing off the hook lately (due to my apparent popularity, hah) and I saw that it was my supervisor calling me.

Oh shit.

I answered.


Mr. Boss Man: Alexa, I have some bad news for you.

*Oh shit. What did I do? I must have made a mistake. Am I going to get fired? Maybe something happened and I need to cover someone's shift. I don't want to go back into work tonight!*

What's up?

Mr. Boss Man: Well, it turns out they don't want to keep the factory running tomorrow in case we really do get hammered with snow because if people can't make it in, we'll end up with a lot of waste. So we're shutting down tomorrow. So you don't need to come in.

WHAT? (This has never happened before that I've ever heard of).

Mr. Boss Man: I know you're upset. I tried to fight it. (chuckles). But the corporate guys made the call. Enjoy your day off.


So to celebrate, I bought a bottle of wine, then got home and realized that I had thrown my corkscrew away. I stayed up late reading instead. Today I slept in til 8:30 am and all I have on the agenda are some workouts to do and some cleaning. Oh yeah, and we only got like 4" of snow. I am embarrassed for the city of Rochester right now because everyone was FREAKING OUT about this alleged "snowstorm of the century!"



  2. We didn't get really anything other than freezing rain down here. The storm just didn't materialize like they thought, I guess?

    I took yesterday off as a precaution. Today I am in working.

    Bummer that you had no cork screw!

  3. Congrats on your day off! You deserve it!


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