Monday, February 7, 2011

weekly report

Rest week = nirvana for an Ironman. At least me. I'm not one of those people that despises rest weeks. I love them! After a REALLY solid 3 weeks of training, I hurt, I'm tired, AND I'm on overnights. A rest week sounds perfect right now, and I get one!

I tend to not do a "weekly report" because I doubt anyone cares. But I had a really good week training-wise so..

Some training highlights of this past week:
  • I did a 3 hour trainer ride with Kim on Saturday morning which was probably the best trainer ride I've ever had. Apparently, having company REALLY helps! And I love Kim. And she supplied Cokes for us when we started to get tired. And she made me lunch. It was totally worth the pain-in-the-butt-ness of taking my bike and my trainer over to her apartment.
  • I ran for 80 minutes Sunday morning which was rough. Anything over an hour is still pretty tough for me. This is starting to get frustrating. I try to be patient but I am first and foremost, a runner, and it's not normal for me to struggle with running like this. I am dying for it to be April so that my feet and legs don't get drenched with slush that is thrown off of passing cars and so that I can run without wearing 15 layers. I want my legs to feel the air again!
  • I am LOVING the swim sets that Mary has been giving me. Lots of yardage, lots of longish repeats (800s, 500s). Less drilling. :)
  • I had a 15+ hour week again this week. I know that hours are irrelevant, but I still feel pretty badass doing 15 hour weeks in early February.
News for this upcoming week:
  • I should get my bonus check this week!
  • My iphone should arrive at Kim's house TODAY!!!!
  • Today (Monday - I get confused when I'm working nights) is a total rest day! I plan to sleep once I get home,  hopefully go get my iphone, play with my iphone, and then go to yoga.
  • I have a swim test on Tuesday. I'm a little nervous considering I destroyed my last swim test. I worry that I won't be able to top it.
  • I started reading "The Hunger Games" at the urging of Matt Curbeau. Can't. stop. reading.
  • I get the keys to my apartment on Wed. Let the moving begin!
You can check out some updates to my blog on the right: a Train-This logo that links directly to the web page, and a coupon for a discount on Crankskins (check the website out if you're curious) that I put up at my friend Mark's request. That's all for now. Hopefully I will be able to come up with something more interesting to blog about in the near future!


  1. 3 hour trainer ride - damn - hard core.

  2. Wish I got my bonus check this week. Our company doesn't distribute until May. Go figure..

  3. I just did my first 3 hour trainer ride, so I now know exactly how boring it is.

    Good luck on the move!


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