Thursday, February 10, 2011

swimming, my eyeball, etc.

I have managed to surprise myself, yet again, in my swim test. So far my best 400 yd swim time was back in December, I think? I swam a 5:58. That was the first time I ever broke 6 mins for a swim test.

On Tuesday, things got even better.


Yup. 9 seconds faster.

I am going to SWIM MY ASS OFF this year at every race that I do.

I am not a fish just yet. I don't know what kind of 400 yd time I would need to qualify for that sort of status. But I am getting faster. A LOT faster. I think I will eventually earn my gills.

So I am psyched about that..

At work tonight (currently it's 4:19 am on Thursday) I went to the bathroom and while I was washing my hands I noticed that my left eyeball was super red and bloodshot on the "outer side." Lately, when I have worn a contact in that eye (which I only do when I am working out or at yoga) it has been irritating me, but I have trouble with contacts in general and I figured it was just time to throw the old pair away and open a new pair.

What did I do? Normally I would ask my mom. But since it's not even 4:30 am and absolutely nobody is awake.. I am stuck. Instead, I emailed Mary and asked her for her opinion. She gets up at the asscrack of dawn an early hour AND she's a nurse so I figured maybe she will have an idea. Because I'm not sure if I should go to the doctor, an optometrist, or just wait it out. My eye doesn't itch or bother me at all - only when I am wearing contacts.

I haven't had "pink eye" in probably 20 years. Doesn't pink eye itch? I might be freaking out a little bit right now.

Way to ruin my rest week, eyeball.


  1. If it is pink eye, your eye will be oozing white puss and the entire eye will be bloodshot, like you are a zombie. I have had it more times than I care for....

    Do you swim with your contacts in? Contact lenses are like sponges, and if a drop of nasty pool chlorinated water comes into contact with the contact, it will transfer all of that nastiness into your eye.

    Not to scare you....

    Have a great day though! ;)

  2. And to think, a month ago you were mad at "swimming backwards", nice job


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