Thursday, April 21, 2011

the countdown begins

less than..
2 weeks until Flower City Half Marathon
6 weeks until Memorial Day weekend in Lake Placid
7 weeks until Keuka Lake Tri
10 weeks until IMCDA!

I also hope to be at IMLP to watch/cheer for everyone that I know who is racing. I am still waiting to see if I am able to take that Monday off of work but as long as that is ok, I shall be up there for the weekend! Hopefully I can find someplace to stay, otherwise Solveig and I might be squeezing in between Jeremy and Glenn in the Element! I have never spectated an Ironman before so it should be exciting! I will be there armed with my bright green Train-This t-shirt and visor, my iPhone for updating facebook and the google group, my camera for taking photos, and my little video camera for taking ridiculous videos! Oh.. and my outdoor voice for yelling!!!!! (I always have an outdoor voice).

Monday was a rest day (thank god) and after being up for 27 straight hours (workouts all day on Sunday and then had to work all night) I was a mess when I got home in the morning. I took an ambien (because often, regardless of how tired I am, I just cannot sleep) and was getting ready for bed when a friend of mine start talking to me on facebook chat. Weird for 7:30 am but whatever. Between being exhausted and the ambien kicking in, I can hardly remember what we even talked about, but I do remember barely being able to type anything coherent (I sound like I have some kind of substance abuse problem but I assure you that I do not).

I still am tired, although I have slept better as the week has gone by.

I was watching an episode of The Big Bang Theory, and Sheldon describes Penny's apartment as "..a swirling vortex of entropy." He MIGHT actually be talking about my apartment. I still need to clean Hedwig from Saturday's ride (her gears are dirty), wash the clothes that got wet and yucky over the weekend, and a whole bunch of other things. Ugh, I hate housework. I think I am a boy.

Mary has been basically out of touch for a week straight because she was at QT2 camp and she is now playing catch-up at work. I think I am going through withdrawal. And I am a moody lunatic this week due to the catastrophic combination of no sleep because I am working nights, lack of human contact, rest week, and PMS.

Thank god Kim has the best idea ever of going to get cupcakes yesterday. Unfortunately, our favorite cupcake place RAN OUT of cupcakes (WHAT!?!?!) so we had to improvise.

I realized that my transformation into cat lady has been completed as I caught myself taking this photo on Monday morning. My cat waits for me on the window sill. Kim witnessed this when she dropped me off after dinner/cupcake eating. She thought it was adorable (actually Fiona waits for me on the window sill and then when she sees me walking up the sidewalk, she will jump down and greet me at the door). It is pretty adorable.

Urgh.. is it bedtime yet?


  1. How does a cupcake store run out of cupcakes? That is tragic.

    Cute picture of your cat waiting for you.

    I hope you are at IMLP!! Actually I am thinking right now I wish I was watching it. ha ha That would rock, there is going to be quite a blogger crew their I think!

  2. You better be at IMLP!!! I'm gonna give you the stink eye on the run like you gave Mandy and I ;)

    Good luck with the final build!

  3. You're a hero for training volume AND staying up so long! I think I'd have crawled under a rock for days.

    I'm hoping to be at IMLP spectating as well. Several local buddies are heading down and I know a few bloggers will be there too.

    Happy training...and sleeping!

  4. we will have to do a blogger meetup if possible!

  5. Hello - cupcake places running out of cupcakes??? Bad business! ;)

    It's all coming so quick! :)


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