Thursday, April 14, 2011

tailwind love

Apparently I started this post on Monday and forgot to finish it, so I will post it now!

I had a really crazy weekend. 17.28 hours in the books last week. Feeling strong! Also feeling very tired. I am in my last week of this build and then I get a rest week.

I got in a really solid 5 hour ride on Sunday. I rode from Coach Mary's house at 8 am with Mary, Kim, Greg, and Karin (who was riding 3 hours). We had a little pace line going for a while but then Mary and Greg broke off ahead, Karin turned around, so Kim and I were riding together and I stayed with her MUCH better than during last weekend's ride. She's still way faster than me but I could see her most of the time.

I also maintained a good attitude despite pretty heavy winds on the way out. That lead to some really fantastic tailwinds on the way home that we just CRUISED with. I really don't think there is anything better in life than a tailwind. Maybe chocolate..

Attitude really does determine everything. On Saturday I got up early, and forced myself to be excited to run for 1:45. Not dreading it. Not just getting it done. Being happy to do it. Because it is a privilege to be able to run for that long. It is also a privilege to get to race. What is the point in doing any of this if I'm just going to whine that my legs are tired or that my crotch hurts. I should be happy that my legs move and have the strength to run for 13 miles, to pedal a bike for 5 hours, and that I have the time available to me to do these types of things without feeling guilty.

I ran for 2 hours and it was grand!

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Pt. 1 comes out on DVD tomorrow. You can bet your ass I will be in Target buying that shit at 3:30 pm - the minute I can get there after work!

On tap for this weekend: 5 hour ride (solo & in the rain) on Saturday and (!!!!!!) 19 mile run on Sunday. I have a wonderful friend who is going to pace me for the 2nd half of this run. I have only run this far three times in my life - one 20 mile training run pre-marathon, the Philadelphia Marathon, and Ironman Lake Placid. It will be nice to have her company and the motivation because I know she will keep me running!

Looking forward to my rest week and going to my parents' house for Easter weekend!


  1. We're gonna do our best :-) Mendon doesn't stand a chance!!!

  2. "I really don't think there is anything better in life than a tailwind."--- DITTO! :) Great job on the bike and run training!

  3. WOW. your sweat log makes me jealous! I can't wait to get Boston behind me so I can get back on track for Lake Placid!

  4. Sounds like some awesome training. You can tell you're going strong and will nail the weekend rain ride. We're expecting it here too....stay strong and enjoy it!!

  5. Yes there is...
    A tail wind outbound and then have a cold front come in and the wind switch 180 so you have a tail wind back.... we can wish

  6. Gotta love a good tailwind - it's like mother nature saying "see, I don't really hate you".

    Holy weekend... go get em girl!


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