Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone! (Yes, I know it's Monday). Lent is over, so get back to enjoying your desserts, cursing, dairy, facebook, and whatever else you may have given up (these are all things that my friends gave up!). Personally? I never give up anything for Lent because a) I am not religious and b) I am totally self-indulgent.

I went to my parents' house in Pennsylvania for Easter weekend. I arrived home on Friday evening after napping and swimming post-work. While sitting at the dinner table, I was facing the wall and saw this plaque with my brother's robotics medals hanging from it. Except the plaque had a triathlon picture painted on it. Apparently, after watching the video of my apartment that I posted a few weeks ago that showed what I currently do with my race medals (they're in a cardboard box in a drawer), my dad MADE this for me! How awesome is that!? I hung it up when I got back to my apartment and put 4 of my prettiest medals on it: Philly marathon, Syracuse 70.3, Flower City half-marathon, IMLP. This is perfect for me because I love my new apartment so much and I am trying to make it look nice by actually hanging things on the walls. But I don't want to just buy random generic crap from Bed, Bath and Beyond; I want to hang art that is either locally made, done by friends/family, or has some significance to me. So far I have a painting done by a friend, my framed IMLP poster, this plaque, and a few photos. It's a start!

I also ran for an hour while at home - not a big deal. Oh, and my mom did all my laundry, and there was a LOT of it! Saturday night I went out to a local redneck bar with my high school friend, Denise. I talk to Denise quite a bit but I hadn't seen her in a few years because I live in Rochester and she lives in the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre area. She came home on Saturday and we went to this bar called PJs. There are only 3 bars in town and this one is an old standby (of the other two: one is scary and the 3rd I have never been to). We ended up having a LOT of fun; another guy that we graduated with came with his fiancee - I hadn't seen him in 9 years. I ended up staying out much too late (and by late I mean 12:30) and after drinking 6 beers between the 2 of us (I had 2, Denise had 4) our tab was $13. Aaaaaand that's what happens in a small town! Also, my 10 year reunion is next year. Denise was our class president so it's her job to plan that thing! Yikes..

I drove back to Rochester on Sunday morning after not enough sleep and with a living room chair stuffed in the back of my car (a hand-me-down from my parents). I managed to find someone willing to come to my apartment at 9:30 pm (before I had to go into work) to help me carry the chair from the car to the apartment! How awesome is that!? Here is the new chair in its new home with an ottoman! You can see how fun my medals look on the wall behind it.

I need to STOP eating Easter candy!


  1. Awesome plaque/medal hanger thing! I, myself, have 2 of those medals (Phila and 'Cuse), and I'll be getting IMLP this summer. Does your dad take orders?

  2. Awesome medal hanger! Much better than the box.

    Happy Easter!

  3. Looks like you got lucky on 2 accounts!!

    The medal hanger is awesome - what a great surprise.

  4. I love the medal hanger! It looks awesome!

    $13 for 6 beers... sign me up! :)


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