Sunday, April 3, 2011

Spring Forward 15K 2011!!

It's Sunday, so in pre-Ironman training frenzied Alexa-land, it's long run day. Or this particular Sunday, it's race day! On tap: the Spring Forward Distance Run (read my race report of this race from 2010!) After yesterday's long ride fiasco adventure I was exhausted, which is possibly the best part of long ride Saturday - collapsing into bed, which I did, but then could not sleep. I'm pretty sure I got 1-2 hours of sleep, tops. I was up at 6:15 tired, annoyed, and pissed that I had to race.

me and Mark, my tall, directionally challenged friend
I ate breakfast and made my way to Mendon Ponds Park. On the way there, I got a phone call from Mark O. asking me how to get to Mendon Ponds Park. (And since I opened this door, I have to tell the backstory). Mark is my friend with 5 children, a wife, and a PhD. You would think he would be able to drive from his house to Mendon Ponds Park by reading a map, or using the GPS in his phone, or just by memory since I KNOW he has been there before. But EVERY TIME there is a race there he has to call me and ask me how to get there. Or text me at 10 pm the night before a race. (Or do both!!!). The same day that he called me to ask me what time the race started. Use the internet, Mark! (Alas, he is still my buddy).

showcasing Matt Kellman's absolutely RIDICULOUS
compression socks! (and Kim with her mountain bike)
Anyways, I show up, see Ken, get my chip, and then sit in my car with the heat on because it was 34 degrees out! I did a half-hearted warmup and then ran into Mary and Kim who were riding their mountain bikes, and then some other TT-ers congregated. I was having "issues" because of my 5 hour ride the day before - major chaffage and swelling in a not-so-pleasant area. The fact that I wear underwear underneath my Lulu running shorts (that already have underwear in them) just makes this situation worse. Note to self: in the future, go commando to avoid a "rebellious crotch" (term coined by Greg).

me, Tim, Mark, Greg.. quite possibly discussing crotches and underwear.

I'm not going to bore anyone with the details of the race other than it's a very hilly 15K. The last 2 miles are the absolute WORST. I ran slightly slower than last year.. 1:13 something vs. 1:12 something. Maybe a minute and change slower? I'm not surprised because I am still getting my run back to where it should be. If I cared more I would be annoyed but I really don't care. I rode 80 freaking miles in a tornado yesterday! Getting out of bed was a success in itself.

Mary and Kim were cheering at the halfway point!
The one really stupid thing I did during this race was neglect my nutrition. I had a gel which I was going to take at 45 minutes. But this course is so hilly and I was trying to push myself that 45 minutes came and I just couldn't stomach trying to take it, so I didn't. So now, hours later, my stomach is going all sorts of crazy and it is NOT fun. I napped and now I am dreading getting on my bike for an hour recovery ride (because I haven't yet figured out a way to cushion my poor crotch!!!).

Looking at all of the photos that Mary posted of our team at the race today.. I just love them. I love all of them! I love that we can talk about crotches. I love that Don sits in his warm car as his warmup. I love that Kellman wears neon yellow compression socks (and rocks the shit out of them). I love that Mary and Kim rode over on their mountain bikes to cheer for everyone who was racing. I love that Tim and Mark race and have families. I love that Rich is a vegan. I love that Greg is hilarious and that Ken is super sarcastic. They are the best! They are my Rochester family! :)
Don, Greg, Kim.. friends, teammates, family! love them!


  1. Sounds like the crotch wasn't so solid this week. :)

    Sounds like you had a great race despite the nutrition issues. I think you are super lucky you have a team that you get to race regularly with. They sound like a super awesome support crew.

  2. Your team sounds awesome. It makes such a difference to have friends that understand all the goofiness that our running/triathlon training leads to. Hope you survived your recovery ride.

  3. I'm a new creep blog stalker friend! :)

    Congrats on a great race... even with the nutrition stuff, you worked it out. Hope the crotch heals fast - nothing worse!

    And yay for a team as supportive as yours! Awesome!

  4. Congrats on the race, minus the issues. Teams rock, I love my team

  5. if I rode 80 miles in a tornado the day before i would NOT have gotten out of bed. congrats!

  6. Great job - looks like fun! I did a race this weekend. I saw a few friends cheering on the course, but I started alone. I have to say, racing is much more fun with friends!


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