Saturday, April 9, 2011

quick and easy

So it is 9 pm, and I am getting ready to crawl into bed, after a very busy day, in preparation for a 5 hour ride with Mary and some teammates bright and early at 8 am tomorrow!

This training week has been amazing so far. I have been nailing my workouts. My crotch is healing and hopefully should be ok for 5 hours tomorrow. Today I ran 13 miles in just under 2 hours which is really good for a training run for me - and felt GREAT while doing it. I even got a little lost and wound up running 13 extra minutes (I was supposed to run 1:45) and did so with a giant smile on my face! I also swam for an hour and did an hour of recovery on the bike. So 4 hours today and 5.5 for tomorrow is exciting in early April!

After my awesome run today I filled in my Training Peaks and gave Mary some details on how good I felt, and then requested a few longer runs (3 hour-ish) because I feel that my weakness with running isn't that my cardiovascular system gets tired, but that my legs tend to blow up after 2 hours (and shocker, how long do I normally run for - 2 hours!). So I ran the idea past her and she suggested that next Sunday I run 2 loops of the super hill Spring Forward race loop equaling 19 miles total! Next Sunday! Dang! But I want to do it - I will be at the end of a build going into a rest week and it's perfect timing.

I really, really, really want to run a solid Ironman marathon.

So this was just a quick update because I am feeling good and I want to hang onto that feeling for as long as possible!

Good luck to everyone racing tomorrow! We have some teammates racing in Texas tomorrow and I know I have a few blogfriends doing the same! PEDAL HARD PEOPLE!!


  1. YAY!! Glad you are healing! Have a awesome ride! Ill be riding in Syracuse...

  2. Nice work, A.!! Have a great day.


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