Thursday, April 1, 2010

bike fit

Today was the day! I got fit on my tri bike! I got up at 4 am so that I could be into work by 5:30 am. They are already getting slammed at Geneva Bicycle Center (which is where I got my fit done) so I was pretty limited as to when I could go. It wound up being today at 3. Luckily we are on a shutdown week at work so our hours are more flexible and I was able to flex my hours forward so I could leave early. I took my bike to work with me and she fits perfectly in the back of my car - front wheel on and everything!

I won't through the whole process that Jim Hogan went through to fit me because I'm not sure how everything works but I will tell you that first things first - we got rid of my god-awful Ponzo saddle and found an Adamo Road saddle that I think will work! The Race was too hard and the Typhoon was really squishy, but the Road model was right in the middle. Then we adjusted my seat height up, we put a longer stem on, and we took out 2 spacers which dropped my handlebars down. He also adjusted the cleat on my left shoe. Nothing too drastic was done, just fixing some of the angles that my body takes. He said I ride with a very straight back which is good! So hopefully this will fix my saddle chafing crotch horrible issues and make me not dread my long rides.

He didn't actually have the saddle in stock (we borrowed one off someone else's bike to do the fit) but it's coming in tomorrow so I left my bike there and I'm going to go pick it up tomorrow after work. A lot of driving but oh well. I have a 4 hr ride on Saturday and I know it's not a super great idea to take a newly adjusted bike and brand new saddle out for a 4 hour ride but honestly, I don't think I could get more uncomfortable than I already was, and if it's awful I can always come back early and finish up my ride on my trainer/road bike combo.

I'm excited for this fit! The more comfortable I am on my bike the better and I think it will make me faster!


  1. I am going to have you do 2+2, just to be safe, see training Peaks tomorrow!

  2. oh ok.. I can do this! I should have been on top of things and gotten this fit done in February..


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