Thursday, July 1, 2010

less training = less interesting things to blog about

Tuesday's grumpyness has faded. I still have almost 4 weeks til Ironman and if I'm grumpy for that long.. life will not be fun.

I am currently not tapering but I feel like I am! I had a rest week before Tinman, and now I'm on a pseudo-rest week after Tinman. I feel like I haven't done any legitimate mileage since training camp! And I probably won't do anymore big girl rides now that I'm this close to the race.

I ALREADY know I am going to be a big bitch during taper. So this is your warning.

I talked to Kim about my wheels. I think I am going to rent tubular 404s for Lake Placid and worry about what I'm going to do about my own race wheels after the race. She is right - I don't need to be stressing about things like that right now.

I got a shout-out in Coach Mary's blog and it's a good shout-out commending my bike fitness and pacing at Tinman. Tinman really made me a lot more confident for Lake Placid - for both pacing and nutrition. Even though the 2 races are different lengths and totally different beasts, I have had issues in the past with both pacing AND nutrition so this was definitely a confidence boost that at least I can execute ONE race correctly. Hopefully I will be able to really rock that marathon off the bike! This - in part - will be due to a large base of bike miles built over months of riding. When you were hanging out watching movies under your Snuggie in late winter, I was riding for hours on my trainer in my apartment. I'm hoping hard work pays off.

As for next year, IM Texas, IM St. George, and IM Coeur d'Alene are ALL currently accepting online registration. Must not go to MUST NOT GO TO IRONMAN.COM. I am slowly being convinced to do IM Wisconsin next September......

And because I can't go for one day without some kind of grossness, I will share. Apparently after Tinman my wetsuit was not completely dry when I packed it up to head back to Rochester. It baked in my car, in the bottom of my tri bag, for like 12 hours. And then I brought it into my apartment but never took it out of my bag because I assumed it was dry, and I am lazy. So when I brought the wetsuit (still inside-out in my tri bag) to Canandaigua for my OWS on Wednesday and finally removed it, it was damp and smelled like ass. When I took it off in the locker room post-swim, it was spewing brown liquid. GROSS. So I took it in the shower with me when I got back to my apartment. I rinsed the hell out of it, but it still SMELLS HORRENDOUS! Seriously, first my shoes, now my wetsuit. I am a classy, classy lady. How in the hell do I clean this thing? I'm considering dish soap, or perhaps lighter fluid, a match, and then a new wetsuit.


  1. Congrats on the great pacing and nutrition planning! You might not be tapering, but you are probably working out a little less, which might lead to the grumpies. I am currently sucky at both, but am working on it. I am rooting for you at IMLP! :) Good luck on your big decision regarding future IM races!

    I don't know about that wetsuit - maybe a baking soda/water soak then mighty rinse to get the coating of baking soda water off?

  2. I burst out laughing when you mentioned dish soap then lighter fluid and a match to clean your suit. That was really funny to read! Let us know if you find out a safe way to defunkify your wetsuit. I will be swimming in the Ocean a few times this month and that usually gunks up my suit way more than fresh water.


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