Sunday, April 4, 2010

1st puke!

Today was a bust. I felt great after yesterday's workout but today I had a 1:45 run and it was terrible. I ran the Spring Forward loop which is 9 miles and then tacked the extra time on the end. I was supposed to do the last 45 mins at tempo pace but that just didn't happen. By that point I was just struggling to continue running. I wanted to lie down in the road and nap. I got a ton of sleep last night so it's not as if I was tired.. my legs were just done. They refused to move. Oh and I also threw up 4 miles in and I have no idea why. I'm not a puker. I've never puked on a run before. And I didn't feel queasy at all - no GI trouble whatsoever. I just burped and it came up, and then it surprised me so much that I swallowed it back down. But my mouth was definitely full of stomach acid (nothing chunky) so I classify that as puking. Lovely, right?


  1. sweet lord. i almost hurled after chugging a water bottle of HEED.

  2. that's because HEED is disgusting.. tastes like chalky, orange-flavored milk


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