Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Today I ran without my Garmin for the first time in 2 years or so. I felt naked without the huge thing on my wrist! It was kind of nice though not having to worry about my pace because I had absolutely no idea what it was. I just ran for 30 minutes in the rain. I love getting to this point in my training where I feel like I can run forever. Swimming is somewhat of a chore for me, and although I do love cycling I get uncomfortable being in the same position for hours on end; running will always be my first love. I love to run in a sports bra and my favorite shorts - Brooks Epiphany Stretch - and just sweat it out in the summer. And I am more experienced as a runner so I am better able to pace and set realistic time goals for races.

Things have not been going very smoothly for me for the past few months and honestly having Lake Placid as this huge goal is really the only thing that is keeping me positive. I just have to always remember to see the light with the dark. I lost my job in December, but now I have a better paying job that I like more and that doesn't frustrate me. I broke up with my runner boyfriend in Feb. which really sucked but now I am cultivating new friendships and I am no longer frustrated in a relationship. I totaled my car in March but now I have a wagon which holds all of my bike gear much more easily. And I lost my wallet last weekend however I really can't see anything positive coming out of that! But I can handle that - that's NOTHING. I canceled my credit cards, replaced my license and I am off and rolling again.

With the bad.. comes the good. And the good is that I am going to Lake Placid no matter what happens to me and I'm going to kick its ass. I am 100% sure. I have waited my entire life to discover something that I connect with like this and I am never going to stop.

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