Sunday, April 4, 2010


So yesterday was good AND bad. The bad first.. I lost my wallet. :( I got gas and left it on the roof of my car and then drove off with it still up there. When I realized it was gone 4 hours later I went back to the gas station and asked about it, looked around, but nothing. So I canceled my credit cards and posted an ad on craigslist. I'm sure it's long gone. I lost 2 credit cards, my license, my USAT card, my Eddie Bauer rewards card, and $40 along with other cards I care less about. So now I have no credit card, no way to register for Tinman until my new card comes, no way to pay for the new Adamo saddle that is en route to Geneva, no way to register the EZ Pass that I bought on Friday.. ugh.

Then the good.. Cherry is at her new home and I think I am going to love it. People are normal and friendly and they do group trail rides! And it's bright there, not dark like Camille's barn. I am going to ride her today - first time in a year.. YIKES.

I also did a mega workout. I had a 4 hour bike scheduled which Mary broke into 2 2 hour bikes due to my recent fit/saddle change (I am riding an Adamo Typhoon on loan from Geneva). I did the first one at 1 pm after moving Cherry and the wallet fiasco. I rode up to Webster along East Lake Rd. and then turned around after an hour. Felt ok. Then I squeezed in a swim that I missed on Friday. Then I did ride #2 at 5:30 - I rode to Mendon and did the duathlon loop - felt awesome for the last hour surprisingly. Then I did a 30 minute T-run.. supposed to be 7:30 pace, I averaged 7:35. Not too bad considering my day and I had to dodge Park Ave. foot traffic. Long day!

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