Tuesday, April 6, 2010

glorious rest

Rest week is off to a good start. A glorious 4.5 hours this week and that is IT! Sunday night I couldn't sleep at all. But I had a day off from training yesterday and today was just an easy swim. Tomorrow is a bike and run but with no data.. I don't think I have ever gone out for a run or ride and not recorded SOMETHING! haha! I am planning a cruise around the streets of Rochester on my mountain bike with my friend Ari. I'm assuming this fun ride is just to keep my legs moving so it will be super fun. Poor mountain bike did not get a lot of use last year. I think I was on it 3 times. And Andy replaced my grip shifters with trigger shifters so it's a little nicer now - still super heavy though! So other than being slightly bored with no workouts to do, things are A-OK (I'm a nerd)!

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