Wednesday, April 21, 2010

dating and the Ironman

I have been thinking lately how people balance a social life with Ironman preparation. I recently had a boyfriend who was a runner and a cyclist and it was awesome because we could go to races together, we did our marathon program long runs together for the Philadelphia Marathon (which we both did), and I never had to worry about feeling selfish for needing to get a workout in because he felt the same way that I did. We had each other to talk to about how our workouts went, or niggling injuries that were bothering us, or a run gone sour. We split up due to reasons that are unimportant, however now I find myself wondering if I am ever going to find myself in a similar dating situation with another like-minded person or if I am doomed to eternal singledom because I am too selfish to sacrifice my training schedule for the sake of some dude I am dating.

So how does this work? Do Ironmen only date other Ironmen? I am not even an Ironman yet but I am on the road and I will either become an Ironman in July or I will die trying. Can someone who dedicates hours of their life and (in my case) all of their money to a sport be able to date someone who doesn't? Would the non-Ironman think that the Ironman is just completely insane? Would the non-Ironman's eyes glaze over while the Ironman excitedly talked about their tempo ride, or how they nailed their nutrition in a long run, or about the newest carbon fiber accessory for their bike? Would the non-Ironman protest when the Ironman wanted to drop some money on new equipment? Or when the Ironman spent half of their Saturday doing a 5 hour brick and the other half recovering in an ice bath and then lying on the couch? These are things that I don't want to sacrifice but is that going to lead to my inevitable loneliness?

Ugh I am getting depressed writing this! At least I have a cat. I will be the crazy cat-lady/Ironman.


  1. Oh stop that! I am the original crazy cat/dog lady :) It definitely helps to have someone who can either train w/ you or can understand where you're coming from and what you need to accomplish. Someone who's into other things but is super supportive and understanding is the alternative - both work. You will meet someone, don't think about it so much!

    - signed crazy cat/dog lady

  2. Oh Alexa! Agreed. I think about this quite often when I am out training by myself. almost always more enjoyable with another person.

    and, i don't even have a cat ;) i have been wanting a furry friend, if i can't find a human friend.

    we all relate to this one. I think especially Women who are our age. oh, 26.

  3. yes 26 is not turning out to be a great age.. a year ago I didn't care at all about being single and now that I'm 26 I feel like I need to "grow up" yikes!

  4. i hear ya!! I guess the real question is...will you continue to be "ironwoman" after LP? Or will you do shorter, saner races? I say i will but....Greg doesnt believe me :-P


  5. Oh no I am HOOKED. I plan to continue as long as I can afford to! It's never been one of those things that I am doing just to cross it off a life list. I love the training so much already! I want to do IMs in crazy places like Australia, etc.

  6. Well...if you ever need a buddy...:-P I want to do that one in Norway where they drop you off in a boat in the middle of the lake for a swim to shore, and the marathon is up a mountain..LOL


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