Monday, April 19, 2010

weekend recap

Well I am back to work as of 11 pm on Sunday night. I recovered quite nicely from last week's overnight shift hell. I got home at about 7:30 am Friday morning. I didn't want to sleep til 4 because I needed to be able to sleep Friday night, so I just let myself nap until I woke up. I actually slept til about 12:30 which really surprised me! I had a short 50 min run that I did in Mendon and I got a good night's sleep (at night!!).

Saturday morning I had a 4 hour endurance ride that I was determined to do outside for several reasons. 1) I cannot do anymore long rides on my trainer. It gets too hot in my apartment and it's soooo boring. 2) I really want to get my new saddle broken in! 3) It's April for christ's sake - time to be outdoors! So even though it was gray and raining as I drove to Mendon, I went anyways. I parked at the Beach and did 2 circuits of a new loop I discovered. I rode from Mendon to Rush on 252, then to E. River Rd. to Lehigh Station Rd., then back to Mendon and then did it again (65 miles for the total ride)! I had to add a little on the end which is the worst, but I didn't want to stray too far from my car in case the weather turned worse. It was hailing a bit on and off and the wind really picked up towards the end but I wasn't cold at all so it wasn't too bad. I did a 30 minute T-run which I couldn't hold my pace on (7:45s) booo. Got home at about 5 pm, ate some pizza, snuggled Fiona, and watched a movie - "Moon" - it's good and I recommend it.

Sunday morning I did a solo 1:30 run in Mendon which wasn't great but I slogged my way through it. Weather was crap until I finished, and then it was gorgeous out for the rest of the day! Ari and I tried to go to Full Moon Vista but it was closed. Napped for maybe 30 minutes before coming into work. Perhaps that's why I'm basically a zombie right now..

Now onto a new week! I can't wait to go home and SLEEP! Flower City Challenge Half Marathon this coming Sunday so keep your eyes peeled for a race report.. AND it's following (day after) a 4 hour bike w/ 90 mins tempo sooooo probably not going to be a PR race for me! Who knows how this race will play out, but all in all it's not my A race so I am not concerned with my time; I am concerned with how I execute the race because that is what is important.

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