Monday, July 19, 2010

and now I am down to 2 :(

To the jackhole who stole my mountain bike out of my basement:
I hope you rot in hell. and I hope you enjoy riding a ladies 15" turquoise bike with a pink seat. and I hope you have SPD cleats you bastard. If I ever see you riding my bike down the street, I will tackle you. Actually I will chase you down the street screaming "I AM AN IRONMAN" and then I will tackle you at full speed. And while I may be short, I am solid, and you will hit the ground, and it will hurt.

Goodbye pretty bike :(

I know my bike was turquoise and at one point it did have a kickstand, but it was my first "real" bike that I got as a birthday present from my parents when I was living in Syracuse in 2007. It was a Specialized and I loved it! I did my first triathlon on it, I mountain biked (and fell down a lot) on it. I rode it around the city. I did an off-road duathlon 3 years in a row on it which I can no longer do because it is gone. Because of this bike, I fell in love with triathlon. It being stolen makes me feel like I have been violated, and like part of my soul was ripped away.

It is safe to say that I am upset. And PISSED.

This was the 3rd bout of bad news that I got today and was by far the worst of the three things.

So now I am sad, and I may have cried over my bike. I was already in a sour mood and now I am just miserable.


  1. I am sharpening my pitchfork as we speak. SOB is going DOWN!!!

  2. Oh...I'm so sorry your bike got stolen! That just completely sucks! I would have cried over it too!

  3. What a dick head. I hope you find him and beat him.

  4. Bastard. Caratunk Curse to him. (That would be "May the fleas of 10,000 moose infest his crotch and may his arms be too short to scratch") Something like that.

  5. One of the worst feelings ever. Hope they find your bike or that the replacement is equally loved.

  6. I say we form a posse and go hunt them down! Count me in!


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