Monday, July 12, 2010


This post has been a long time coming.

I feel like I have had a very successful race season. The best race season that I have ever had. I have majorly PRed in a half-IM. I have placed overall at one of the most competitive sprint distance races in the area. I do not want to jinx my Ironman. Every time I have a great race I worry that it will cause my Ironman to suck. I'm not particularly superstitious but apparently, when it comes to giant races that I have 6 months of time and a lot of money invested in, I am.

Given all that, people continue to ask me my time goal for Lake Placid. I think that time goals are personal, so I try to be elusive. I try to give them a time goal that I KNOW I can do. Then they ask me what my half-IM time was. I tell them "5:16." When they hear that, they don't buy the time goal that I give them. I normally tell people that I just want to survive, and if they persist, I tell them I want to go under 13 hours.

In reality..

I want to go sub 12 at Ironman.

I will throw it out there. I don't know if I can do it. I think if the race plays in my favor, and I execute well, I can. But the marathon is a wild card. I have no idea what I can do in that marathon.

Sub 12 may not seem that fast when you compare it to what the pros do, or even what someone like Mary can do, but it's fast for me.

So we will see. All I can do now is try to stay fresh until the race, and then race intelligently.

As for next year, I'm thinking about a 2 Ironman year.

Coeur D'Alene in June, and Wisconsin (AKA IMOO) in September. I think Mary is almost on board to do IMOO as well!

I'm sold on the idea. My wallet.. not quite yet.


  1. I am assuming that comment is directed towards IMOO :)


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