Friday, July 16, 2010

commence freaking out mode

Yesterday was a nerve-wracking day. Yesterday, my Lake Placid race plan showed up in my inbox with the title of "Hello!" It was supposed to show up at 5 pm but it came early!

Hello Alexa! I am your race plan. I am here to make you hate your life for 12 hours. When you are done executing me, you are going to want to punch Mary in the face. And then crawl under a rock and die.

OK maybe not but still, it's kind of scary seeing it. I think it's pretty ambitious. But I will do what I can do on race day. Apparently Mary has faith in me. I am fairly confident.. IF the weather cooperates. If the weather does not cooperate, then it's going to be a crapshoot. One thing I DO feel good about is my nutrition plan. Stick to the nutrition plan and the rest of the day should be ok. Just a hint, my race plan does not have the words "balls" or "out" in it ANYWHERE!

Apparently Mike is going to tell Mary to go F herself at mile 20 of the run. Sounds like a good idea to me! I love our Placid team (there are ELEVEN of us!)! :)

Yesterday, Lake Placid teammate Ken sent me a facebook chat that said "are you freaking out yet?" I didn't get it because I wasn't home, but YES KEN I AM FREAKING OUT!!! I will be freaking out for the next 9 days.. 8 days.. whatever it is!

I ran into another Lake Placid teammate, Joe, in Canandaigua yesterday. Apparently he is dragging ass also (I have been walking around like a zombie all week). He's doing the same 2 mile open water swim race that I am doing tomorrow morning, so that should be fun. And by fun I mean I hope I don't come in last place!

This blog is so scattered today. This is how my brain is working this week. Actually my brain just is not working at all. Ironman ate my brain! I can't form a coherent thought or string 2 sentences together. I need to chill out, relax, calm down.. listen to some Enya or something. I'm on edge man!

Maybe I shouldn't be making major decisions while I'm in this state of mind. You know, like registering for Ironmans that are on the other side of the country. Yeah.. oops.

But next week I will be in paradise, AKA Lake Placid.


  1. You are going to do fine come race day. Don't hit the self destruct button between now and then! haha!

  2. don't worry, I won't! I may be on the verge of hysterics right now but I will calm down this weekend.. I am good at channeling my anxiety :)

  3. Ironman ate my brain! That would make a very cool t-shirt.

  4. Good-luck Alexa! You are going to rock it! And don't forget to take it all in. :)

    ~Laura in Memphis (Also coached by Mary)

  5. You are too funny! I think Kovas had a great idea..that phrase would make a great t-shirt slogan! Don't freak out too much, you are going to do great!


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