Sunday, July 18, 2010

Summer of Love

Yesterday I had the pleasure of going for a 30 minute recovery run. I live on Park Ave., which apparently is the "Greenwich Village" of Rochester, if you can even compare Rochester to the Big Apple (doubtful). Usually I do these 30 minute runs down Park because there are lots of people to look at. So I was running and all I kept seeing were these rainbow blurs (I didn't have my contacts in). Apparently, it was the Gay Pride parade! I am pretty much oblivious as to what goes on in this city. I had to ask someone the other day what the local news station was (he didn't believe that I didn't know, but I really didn't). So I went up a block to run just so I wouldn't have to constantly dodge people.

Now I am all about gay pride. I am probably as liberal as you can get without actually liking politics (thinking about politics just makes me sleepy). I'm pro-gay, pro-choice, anti-Bush, anti-war, pro-feminism, etc. If it was 1969 I would be twirling around in a meadow, wearing a long skirt, probably stoned out of my mind. However, it is 2010, I was born in 1984, and the phrase "drugs kill" has been burned into my brain since the age of 7. I was so terrified of my parents yelling at me while I was growing up that I didn't try any drugs and didn't drink at all. I missed my curfew once and got grounded for months. I am still terrified of my parents getting mad at me (note: my parents are not mean to me, I just absolutely hate yelling confrontations with ANYONE). Maybe this is why I have yet to tell them about my 2 Ironmans next year.

Buuuut, they read this blog, so hi Mom and Dad, I am doing 2 Ironmans next year! P.S. One is in Idaho, the other is in Wisconsin.

So while I was running, I saw people dressed up to support the gay pride parade, and I saw the church groups there to protest it. And this is why I cannot get on board with going to church. Or being religious. I can't deal with the haters. I am agnostic and this is because I refuse to believe that a god would allow so much hate.

I would like to insert a plug right here. I am not gay. I like men. People seem to have the wrong idea sometimes because maybe I like to ride bikes, and maybe I don't wear a lot of dresses, and perhaps I was (for the most part) single from the ages of 21 to 25. And I am now single again. Just to reiterate, I like men!

Anyways. I promise this is the only post like this that I will make. Seeing the pride parade just made me think about things. But in general I do not judge, so carry on!


  1. hope youre having a great weekend!

  2. hahaha I don't know, Alexa, you did try on birkenstocks :) Good post!

  3. Amen Alexia! I totally agree with you about religion.

    Good Luck at Placid!!!

    Laura in Memphis (also Train-this coached :)

  4. (oops! Sorry about the 'i'!)


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