Saturday, July 3, 2010

the calm before the storm

I have been thinking a lot about the Ironman lately. I mean, I'm always thinking about the Ironman, but lately it's been less "these are my workouts" and more of "I am ready." Introspective Ironman thinking.

I still cannot get over Tinman. I can't get over how happy I am with my results and how easily those results came to me! Last year when I did Musselman, I thought that nothing could be physically harder. That race beat me. (Then I did the Philly Marathon which gave a whole new meaning to beatdown). But in Tinman - I bested it. The only thing that hurt was the last 16 minutes.

I am not worried about Lake Placid. I did a 1 hour swim in Canandaigua Lake yesterday - friggin' easy. I have my wheel issue sorted out. I am ready to take on that race and leave my soul out on the course. I am calm. WHAT?? I am NEVER calm.

I am waiting for the meltdown that I KNOW is coming.

But until that meltdown comes, I will enjoy the feeling of prepared-ness that I currently have.


  1. you stole my blog title from last week...but i'll let it go cuz your on my team

  2. REALLY? oops! I definitely didn't realize that! :)


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