Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I hate annoying questions

So it has been hot out. Very very hot. It's pretty horrible, especially living in a 3rd floor apartment with no central air.

This unbearable heat caused me to cancel a "social outing" (get-together, date, call it what you want) on Monday. I know this makes me a huge baby. But I was grumpy, lying on my couch in my underwear with my fan 2 inches from me. There was NO WAY I was getting dressed.

I told a guy at work about it and this was his response, "You've gotta be kidding me! You're never going to get married."

Ummm.. thanks man.

Let me just add that to the ever-growing list of things that I am worried about. Going to get a flat at Placid, going to have nutrition issues on the run, Musselman transition is going to be outta control this weekend, never going to get married. Awesome.

I guess I'd better set the rest of my shit aside because I GOTTA FIND ME A HUSBAND!


There are several questions that I just don't want to be asked anymore.

First and foremost, I currently hate being asked why I can't change a flat on my Zipps. The next time someone asks me this I'm going to throw a Zipp at their head. I'm sure my hatred of this question will fade with time.

The number 2 most hated question is: why are you single? Hmm maybe if I knew why, I wouldn't be single. Because apparently, I'm a freak for being single. I'm not allowed to be picky? I should just GET MARRIED ALREADY! Let's face it, I am not very girly, I don't have a tiny dog, I don't go to "the club" and I can probably kick most boys' butts in athletic endeavors (excluding triathletes). This does not bode well for me. So perhaps I should set my sights on single male triathletes? Good call. There are 2 in existence.

And rounding out the top 3 is: why are you a vegetarian? Now this question I only hate in certain context. If you ask me and you are merely curious, I don't mind. But if you aggressively ask me this like I am some kind of hippie freak, I will get defensive and tell you to shove it.

So I guess I should go to the pound and start adopting cats now.

(If you can't note the sarcasm dripping from this post...)


  1. last night during the webinar people kept asking me why yyou can't wear an ipod during a race. ARGH!

  2. I will use my authoritative position as transition captain to rip headphones from people's ears as they exit transition

  3. You're getting a big amen sister from another single F25-29 triathlete. As for prospects, it gets worse here in the midwest since not only are all the male triathletes taken, the runners are too. Go figure.

  4. i don't have zipps, but, i'm sure they would ask me the same question.

    i *HATE* the "why are you a vegetarian" question with a passion. i even had a doctor comment once: "so, let me get this right. you are an endurance athlete and a vegetarian. now, that's not a great idea, is it?!"

    I also hate the "Wow, the way you eat makes me feel so self conscious about what i eat" or "Do you *like* what you eat?" comments. ughghghgh. i love food. i love what i eat. i don't care if you eat croissants and danishes and hamburgers (well, unless you are someone very close to me, and i don't want you to be fat... HA!), just don't expect me to eat them with you. i am sorry if my different eating habits make you feel bad. not my problem.

    ps... i feel as if there are a lot more single single-sport athletes out there. besides. triathletes are generally too skinny ;) you are allowed to be picky. just remember that someone may come along, who doesn't fit into your preconceived "what i think is a hottie mc hot-ster" box.

    i mean. comon. tell me again why you are single? ;)

  5. No one ever asks me why I'm single. I think it's pretty obvious once they know me. : /

    But seriously, being single is pretty good (at my age). Besides, all the available guys my age are looking for girls your age. Ha!

    BTW, funniest post you've written yet!

  6. I love this post! Throw that Zipp at their head! Be picky, you deserve the best guy out there. Besides, they are often big pains in the rump anyway. I was a vegetarian for 6 years and I always used to be so annoyed when people would ask me that in that way - I TOTALLY know what you mean!

  7. hahaha this is AWESOME! Great you can be the crazy cat lady and I can be the crazy dog lady. I used to get the same question (repeatedly) when I was single - "Why are you single?". My answer "Because I'm tired of wasting my time with men that aren't worth my time". That usually shuts them the f-- up.

  8. Ari - I am going to steal your response.. I love it!


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