Sunday, July 4, 2010

race result cyber-stalking

I'm having a pretty good 4th of July! I did a 2 hr ride this morning from Mendon Ponds Park and then I met Kim at Schoen Place in Pittsford for a nice long run along the canal path. And when I say nice I mean BLISTERING HOT! The run wasn't super great. My heart rate was ridiculously high and Kim had some issues with her ankle. Did I mention it was hot as balls? Also we got videotaped by a super creepy fat guy wearing just blue spandex shorts where you could totally see his junk. Gross. But I did eat a donut afterwards and it was really really good.


We sat around in the shade chatting after the run because it was such a nice day!

See I do this thing.. maybe it's creepy.. I stalk peruse race results. If you are a girl in my age group, a girl that I see at a lot of races, a cute guy, a friend/teammate, or a stranger who tells me they've done a race, I look up your race results. If you've done an Ironman EVER and told me about it, chances are I've searched through Ironman results to find your time.

Then Kim told me that she does it too. "Everyone does it!" said Kim today!

The reasons differ. If it's a girl in my age group, I'm checking out the competition. If it's a cute guy, I'm checking to make sure he's faster than me (and I'm checking to make sure he's in an appropriate age group so that I'm not creepy if I accidentally stare at him a lot). If it's a friend or teammate, I'm checking to see how well they did so I can congratulate them! If it's a stranger or random person who is bragging, I am checking to make sure I am faster than them. :)

I check out Ironman times because I am currently Ironman-crazed and I am jealous of anyone who already has lost their IM virginity!

But at least I'm not the only one who does it!!!!


  1. Nope. Guilty. Gotta find those 45-49 males...LOL

  2. I am a stalker too if it makes you feel better. As a matter of fact, I will be stalking you at IMLP! :) But I will also be there cheering for you (Run stop #2 and throughout the day!) That might be creepier than just plan cyber stalking! HA!

  3. I will have to provide you with my IMLP bib # beforehand so you can properly stalk me :)

  4. i am a race-result stalker too. but, i think you already knew that.


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