Thursday, September 23, 2010

activities of an off-season triathlete

Here is my life so far.

Day 1 of off-season: Barely make it through work because I am so tired. Lie down for nap. Wake up and eat pizza. Discover the heavenly deliciousness of Nutella. Watch movie. Go to bed.

Day 2 of off-season: Get pressured to start doing yoga. Resist pressure to register for Eagleman 70.3 next June. Do laundry. Watch NCIS. Talk to Kim about boys on Gchat. Go to bed.

Day 3 of off-season: Go to tattoo parlor to inquire about M-dot tattoo. Actually GET M-dot tattoo. Make attempt at cleaning disastrously dirty apartment. Fail at cleaning. Do more laundry. Go to bed.

Day 4 of off-season: Attend grand opening of Lululemon showroom in Pittsford. "Accidentally" spend money at Lululemon. Foam roll the hell out of still-sore hamstring. Go on cleaning rampage. Do more laundry. Watch The Office. Go to bed.

Day 5 of off-season: Has yet to be determined but there is a boy involved! :)

Just a little more about my new tattoo!! I stopped into the tattoo shop - called Tattoo Kamikaze - after work. I had a design and a color scheme all ready and they were able to tattoo me right then and there, no appointment necessary! It took maybe 25 minutes. Tattoos hurt but it really doesn't even bother me. Granted, all of my tattoos are pretty small. I'm sure a giant piece would be much more painful!

I forgot how gross the aftermath is. Maybe it's worse with a tattoo on a lower extremity.. I don't know, but it oozed for the rest of the night. Today it has pretty much dried out and has that nice cracked, desert look. But at least it's not oozing or bleeding anymore. I am only wearing one compression sock today because I don't want it rubbing the tattoo. The colors are pretty bright which I am excited for.. I can't wait for it to heal!

But yes, I have officially sold my soul to WTC.

But, it's the off-season baby!


  1. You forgot: eat cookies in front of mary!

  2. I love your offseason (and I live Nutella and pizza)

    NICE!! Where is the photo of the tattoo?? Or are you waiting until it isn't oozing anymore?

  3. I love Nutella too! It is sooo good! do a lot of laundry...ha ha!

  4. Your offseason sounds like it is involving less food than my offseason! I didn't realize laundry was an alternative to eating...have to try that.

  5. I don't normally do that much laundry.. just catching up! :)

  6. Make sure you post another pic of your newest body art when it heals! Would love to see the bright colors. :)

  7. I found pre-Ironman taper week to set off a cleaning frenzy. However - the off season for me as apparently applied to all cleaning as well!


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