Wednesday, September 15, 2010

hello Wisconsin!

So what exactly is in Wisconsin (other than cows, cheese, and the Green Bay Packers)? Oh yes, there is an IRONMAN in Wisconsin! And in one year, I will be doing that Ironman!

I registered for IM Wisconsin 2011 today, online! Registration was originally open at 1 pm on Monday, however due to website malfunctions, it was temporarily closed until today at 1 pm. Imagine my frustration as I tried to register for an hour on Monday and kept timing out on, and then eventually got the message that registration was no longer available. I thought that it had sold out! Turns out they had shut it down completely to try to fix the problems they were having. So I logged back on today at 1 and managed to secure my spot for next year! I guess the entire race sold out within the hour so I'm glad I was able to get in.

So that makes my race schedule for next year slightly more daunting.

June 26 - Ironman Coeur D'Alene

September 11 - Ironman Wisconsin

So far, that's it. Because let's face it - that's a lot. Right there is at least 24 hours of racing. Maybe 23 hours if I am lucky. It's $1200 worth of entry fees. And it's god knows how much in travel costs.

What have I gotten myself into?!

If you don't see me next year it's because I'm either training my ass off or working one of the 5 jobs I will have to have in order to afford doing the double Ironman year. Or curled into the fetal position in a corner somewhere crying because I have tackled too much. :)

Just kidding! I am excited to see what I can push myself to do - to test myself mentally and physically. I am excited for my chance to PR (two chances to PR actually!) in an Ironman. I can't wait to go into an Ironman actually knowing what it's like ahead of time! However I am still prepared to learn. :)

I am honored to be able to race on the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. To be an American is a great thing. To have the choice - the freedom - to do an Ironman is a privilege. Not everyone in the world has that option. Many people in this world are sick, starving, and worse. I love my country because I have the freedom and the opportunity to pursue my dreams, no matter what they are.

Maybe it's weird to be ok with racing on 9/11? I don't know. I think it's better to acknowledge that it happened and remember it throughout the race rather than completely forget about it. I know that sometimes I forget, not because I forget about what happened but because sometimes I just don't know what day it is.

Anyways, weird patriotic ramble over.

Cheers to my off-season starting in 5 days!


  1. I just finished IMWI and refrained from registering because I"m doing IMCDA next year. Good for you!!! You nutty girl!

  2. That's awesome you're doing 2 IM's next year... I'm jealous! After doing Louisville, I'm really antsy to do another IM, but I think I'm going to focus on closer/smaller races (ie cheaper!) in 2011 and save up money for an IM 2012... possibly CdA. I totally hear you about needing 5 jobs to pay for the tri lifestyle!!

  3. Wow! How exciting! I can't wait to follow your IM journey!


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