Saturday, September 18, 2010

sharting makes me giggle

Sharting is f-ing hilarious.

It just has to be said.

Everyone in the world knows I have GI problems when I run. I've said it, my coach loves to post it on my facebook, in my race plans - everywhere! Now whether or not I have actually sharted myself - that will remain a mystery. (Seriously, hot guys might read this blog!) However I DEFINITELY have run at the speed of light to the nearest porta potty, dive bar (true story), BBQ joint (also a true story), or possibly - wooded, secluded area. Seriously I have probably used every public or semi-public bathroom within running distance from my apartment in Rochester, and in Mendon Ponds Park.

It happens. That's what running does. That's why they're called "runner's trots." That's also what not having a CLUE about nutrition does. Thankfully, I am learning.

Why the sudden post about sharting? I may have been having a conversation with someone who told me that they shit their pants while training. I know Mary has sharted while training. White Hot sharted himself during IM Florida!

I think it's better to embrace the idea of sharting than wanting to die of embarassment if it happens. I mean come on, is it really socially acceptable to shit yourself? No. But in endurance sports, it happens. I guarantee it has happened to almost everyone that does them. Whether you actually make it to a bathroom or not is probably a testament to how hardcore you really are. Also, whether you will admit it is another thing.

If you REALLY want to laugh, and also be clued into how hardcore triathletes are (especially when going for a Kona spot) read this blog.

I would totally shit myself for a Kona spot.

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  1. Yes being a professional here...the word "fart" even makes me laugh..."flatus" is even funnier!! LOL!! I read the other blog! GROSS!!! Hey he got his place at KONA!!


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