Thursday, September 30, 2010

I am a financial guru

Yesterday I set up my "Ironman Fund" (and yes, I made the guy at the bank title the savings account "Ironman Savings" rather than vacation savings) and changed my direct deposit to send money into the new account every pay period. I also checked on my growing 401k! Look at me go! I am making grown-up decisions (it's about time, I am almost 27 years old). I should be a financial advisor** or something!

**I should definitely NOT be a financial advisor. Money burns a hole in my pocket. My "savings" account is basically just an overflow for my checking account and isn't actually being saved for anything!

Now that I have my hotel booked for Coeur D'Alene, I am starting to get REALLY excited for it, even though it is almost 9 months away. I am 90% sure I will be going by myself. This is fine. I like to do things by myself. I don't require a friend to go shopping with me, or to go to the bathroom with me, or really for anything. It's more fun to have someone to do things with but Idaho is pretty far away and who is going to want to fly themselves out there to hang out with me - super stressed out, freaking out, pre-Ironman Alexa - for 6 days? Oh, and share a queen sized bed with me.  Don't get me wrong, I would LOVE for someone to come with me, that would be really freaking awesome(!!!!), but I will be perfectly OK going by myself.

Luckily, my hotel has wifi this time around so I will be able to maintain contact with the outside world. AND my cell phone will hopefully work, whereas in Lake Placid it would only work if I pressed myself up against the window in my condo.

Anyways.. that's in 9 months.. no need to think about it now!

Ultra Adam's birthday is on Saturday (P.S. he is getting OLD! hehe) so I'm heading over to Syracuse sometime that day to celebrate with him! Some of the potential birthday activities that have been mentioned include: going to a movie, bowling, drinking, ice cream cakes, and strip clubs. Sorry Adam, I don't really need to see you getting a lap dance. All others are fair game though.

That's pretty much it for today. My 2 weeks of complete rest are almost up and I am itching to start running again! (Freak). :)


  1. New follower. Thank you for the reminder I need to book rooms for Hawaii 70.3. And BTW, you should be a financial advisor. Your two examples on how to save are pretty much spot on and nothing I've heard a broker say.

  2. Yay for your "Ironman savings" account! :)

  3. Woot!!! I am saving too!! least trying to!!

  4. New follower...good on you for setting up the account. It's like training - bit by bit is what gets you to the start line. OK, well you could drop a bunch at the last minute and still get there, but it won't feel as good!

    Over the next 9 months, you'll meet tons of people going to CDA. Here's a link to IAMTRI's CDA group (if you aren't a member already)...

  5. Love the IM savings account. I think I am going to start one myself!

    I am just finishing 2 weeks of total rest. I get to run and bike and swim this week!!!


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