Friday, September 24, 2010

happy Friday!

Off-season has done strange things to me. I have gotten more "housework" done in my apartment this week than I have for the entire year. This includes: laundry, cleaning, organizing old clothing.

Last night I dreamt about buying boxes and boxes of Powergels.

I actually sort of miss riding my bike, but I know that 10 minutes into a ride, I'd be ready to be done, so I'm staying away from it for now. Or at least my crotch would protest. What I should do is clean my bike because it got pretty dirty at Syracuse 70.3. My bottles of Powerbar Endurance are still on the bike and are probably pretty gross.

I discovered the joys of Lululemon Athletica yesterday at the opening of their new showroom in Rochester. Mary's yoga place (Breathe) sells Lululemon but that place intimidates me so I don't go in there. I hate wearing clothes. I REALLY hate wearing nice (i.e. uncomfortable) clothes. So what kind of clothes do I like spending money on? Athletic stuff. Enter Lululemon. High quality running and yoga clothes. AKA things that I can do my workout in, wear to Wegmans, wear around my apartment, go on dates in, etc. Freaking AWESOME!

FYI - my birthday is in January and I will welcome gift cards to Lululemon. Also, a powermeter and/or Zipp tubulars would be WONDERFUL. :)

Anyways.. happy Friday everyone!

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  1. I like lululemon stuff too, but it is soooo expensive! Yay for getting something new!


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