Friday, September 17, 2010

I like hugs

My bad mood has dissolved! I don't know if it's because it's Friday, or because I got half of my workout done this morning, or because I am racing this weekend, or because I get to see my TEAM tomorrow, but I am GLAD! :)

For stalking purposes, my bib # at Syracuse 70.3 is: 1021.

There is a rather fervent discussion happening on the Train-This google group about water temperature at Syracuse 70.3 (and the Finger Lakes Tri which is the same day but in Canandaigua, NY) and how to dress. I am less concerned about the water temperature for the swim, but more concerned about freezing my ASS off on the bike. It's going to be cold! It has been in the low 50s (sometimes even high 40s) in the morning in Syracuse lately. I rode at 8 am in Syracuse last weekend and I was ok.. but I was wearing a baselayer under my jersey and legwarmers. I actually ended up kind of hot. But I was also dry. At the race - I will be soaking wet! Arm warmers are definitely going to be worn because 3 hours on the bike is a pretty long time to be cold. I have never raced while wearing any kind of excess clothing before - I always just suck it up - and I've never been cold during a race. However, I think I am drawing the line at the arm warmers and I will just rely on adrenaline to keep my hands and feet from freezing off. For as cold as I am most of the time - I never am cold when I race so I am counting on that to help me out!

I will just be needing someone at the end of the race to hand me some dry, pre-warmed articles of clothing! :) I don't care how they are warmed up. I don't care if you stuff them down your pants! I just think it would be awesome to change into clothes that were freshly taken out of a dryer. So someone needs to make that happen! I will pay! But be forewarned, I only pay with hugs.

Tomorrow I can take my time getting to Syracuse (after I stuff myself with chocolate chip pancakes of course) because bike check-in isn't until 2 pm, which I totally forgot about. So it is pointless for me to show up at registration at 10 because then what am I supposed to do until 2!?

The on-site Ironman Store better have the IM backpack that I was eyeballing in Lake Placid or I might cry!

We have a team dinner tomorrow night at Mike's! Oh man, I love it! There will be hugs flying EVERYWHERE!

I am assuming I will not be blogging tomorrow, so I am going to give good luck wishes to everyone racing Syracuse 70.3, Finger Lakes Tri, and to my ex-XC coach Mike M. because he is doing the Tour de Shunk century, which is honestly something I NEVER want to do. It's not called the "Endless Mountains" region of Pennsylvania for nothing! Also good luck to anyone in blog-land who is racing! Syracuse 70.3 race report to follow!


  1. Good luck Alexa! Do you know your bib # yet? Will try to stalk you on Sunday.

  2. I edited my post with the information you requested :)

  3. Good luck! Looking forward to reading all about it!

  4. good luck - I hate the cold when you are switching from the warm, but once you get in it it's just right!

    I hope the temp is just right for you!

  5. Good luck and stay warm out there!

    Oh, and that's funny you mentioned having the Poconos 70.3 on your radar for 2012 because I have CdA on my radar for 2012 and I just saw you were registered for that in 2011. Hopefully we can swap race/course reports!


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