Monday, September 27, 2010

plea$e help me

Dear Mom & Dad/Sugar Daddy/Generous Stranger,

I have started planning my trip to Coeur D'Alene, Idaho in anticipation of my race next June. Turns out, it's going to be expensive as shit. (Could Ironman be any other way?). Things like a hotel room, food, plane tickets, and race entry fees add up and I am poor!

Oh wait, and I have to fund TWO of these things next year! Hello bankruptcy!

Please give me money. Actually, please give me a large suitcase stuffed full of money because I also don't have a suitcase, and I will need one in order to carry things on the plane with me to Idaho.

Alexa, Ironman addict

Note: please do not send me money. I am only kidding. :)


  1. Ha! no kidding! Not sure when you are planning on heading up to CDA, but we went up on Wednesday and stayed in Spokane Valley until Sat afternoon. Smooth transition and saved $$. The drive isn't bad to get into CDA from Spokane Valley...

  2. People always balk at the cost of an MDot Ironman. The cost of the race itself is pennies compared to lodging and food. Nothing like a little debt!

  3. where do i send a check? oh wait! I don't have any $$$ either!!;-)

  4. I'm too poor to even sign UP for a race. AH! Grad school....

  5. I've got a giant suitcase you can use. Also could double as shelter if the hotels get to be to expensive.

  6. haha... I could write this letter myself! I've been thinking about trying to get a second job to support my expensive tri habit, but the problem is I don't wanna give up any of my would-be training time to work!

  7. Anne-Marie, I had the same thought and then dismissed it as well!


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