Tuesday, August 3, 2010

even tomboys sometimes wear dresses

Just over a week has passed since the Ironman, and the itch is returning. The rising urge to train is inversely related to the fading post-IM pain. This is the problem with Ironman (or really, any of these long ass races that I've done). They hurt like hell and I curse my decision to do the race while I'm still doing the stupid thing, but then like 3 days later, I'm ready to register again! So I am ready to get going on the road to Syracuse 70.3, and then my 2 Ironmans next year! Unfortunately, I am on overnights again this week so the urge to train is overshadowed by the icky feeling I get that accompanies overnights. :(

Either way, I have finally (ok, mostly) come to terms with my Ironman finish time of 12:18. I'm not going to lie.. I was annoyed with myself for missing my goal time by 18 minutes. I still am slightly irritated. I know you people think I am a freak for still being upset by this (or even upset in the first place) but what is the point in doing the training and setting goals if you're going to be happy with your results regardless of whether you met your goals or not? My goal was NOT to "just finish." I'm not insulting that as a goal - it's a legitimate goal and lots of people have that for their first Ironman, but I didn't. I had a time goal because I trusted my body enough to get me through the Ironman - I wasn't worried about not finishing (freak accidents/medical issues aside). I had a time goal, which I missed. And it doesn't matter who tells me that I had a good race - doesn't matter that Mary was happy with it, or that my family is impressed, or that my Ironman buddies are congratulating me. (It DOES matter to me that people are happy with my performance, but it does not change my own attitude towards the race). There is still part of me that is displeased. There is always room for improvement.

What this does is light an 18 minute-long fire under my ass for next year. Oh boy..

I had an absolutely terrible night at work last night. Sunday nights are already hard because all of the instruments in our lab have to be checked in for the week. And I was working solo because my labmate is out for grand jury. It took me a good 3 hours to get all of the instruments checked in.. then I had some problems with a water bath dying - took me 45 minutes to figure out why the temperature was dropping below 25 C. I also spilled a sample in another water bath which turned it completely blue - it looked like a smurf took a bath in there. So I ran around like a nutjob all night and now my legs are KILLING ME. Luckily, I only had a short swim on Monday afternoon and it felt really really good.

When I got home from the gym I checked my mail and my Nuu-Muu exercise dress that I won via a giveaway on Kelly @ TriMommyLife's blog was here!! I tried it on and it is REALLY CUTE! It fits great, and even though the website advertises the dress as being a bit short (they actually suggest wearing some kind of shorts or tights underneath it), I am incredibly short so the length is perfect for me! It's cute, comfy, sporty, and completely perfect for a tomboy triathlete such as myself! Unfortunately, I highly doubt I can wear it to the wedding I have to go to in 2 weeks! :P

Please excuse the terrible post-gym picture of myself.

Unfortunately, now I want more of these dresses..

I have a meeting with Coach Mary in the morning (after work) to discuss Lake Placid and hopefully upcoming races. We are meeting at Starbucks so I will be falling asleep in my chair after my overnight and she will be going through caffeine withdrawal in her house of worship due to cutting caffeine out of her diet per her coach, The Wizard. I need to get a list ready of things I would like to chat about. Also, every time I look at this photo of Mary, I die laughing. :)

This is what's going on in my life at the moment! :)


  1. Awesome photo!

    Hey, you might not have hit your goal, but at least now you have your first IM under your belt and I see a sub-12 IM in your future!

  2. I could only dream of a 12:18 IM ;) You ROCKED IT! Besides, you are gonna kill it next year!

  3. That is an awesome time!!! I understand when you have a goal in mind. You are a determined athlete and there is nothing wrong with that!!!

  4. I think you could definitely wear that dress to the wedding!


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