Thursday, August 5, 2010

I am very persuadable (is that a word?)

I tend to blog a lot when I'm working C-shift (like I am right now) because it's slow. Combine that with a very, very easy training week and it leads to a high level of boredom, hence the daily updates about pretty much nothing interesting at all. I know Kim likes it when I'm bored because I blog more.

So today's meaningless update is how an asshole member of Train-This coerced me into doing a sprint distance tri in a week and a half, on Aug. 15th. When I asked Mary if it was a dumb idea (the subject of my email was "Corona is a bad influence") she responded with "DO IT!"

(Is there anything Mary won't say yes to?)

I haven't even told you the really dumb part.

Race registration is closed.. except if you compete as an elite. The elite wave is "meant for established front of pack competitive triathletes" according to the race website. I'm not worried about qualifying for that. I'm normally top 10 in most races that I do (olympic distance this year and last year, and then mini-Mussel this year). The elite wave will only compete for overall awards, which go 10 deep and will not be eligible for age group awards.

To register as an elite, you must email the race director and ask for a paper registration form. So I emailed the race director with my request to race. I am waiting to hear back.

Apparently, I plan to race as an elite, for the first time ever, 3 weeks after an Ironman. My legs and body are still in rough shape right now. Hope that goes away SOON!

Honestly, Mike didn't have to try hard to convince me. I was looking for a short distance tri to do before Syracuse anyways, but the ideal one which is Labor Day weekend is already sold out. I thought this one (which is in Cazenovia, NY) was too soon but.. oh well! At least it's just a sprint! However, it will be incredibly embarrassing if I come in dead last in the stupid elite wave. Oh well.

It's also going to be a busy weekend. That Saturday I have to attend a wedding of a high school friend, and it's being held down where my parents live in PA. So I have to go back down to PA early Saturday morning (because I work Friday evening) with all of my race gear, get ready for and attend the wedding, try not to get drunk or kill my legs with my sweet, sweet dance moves, and then get up super early Sunday morning to drive to Cazenovia (it's only 15 mins longer to drive to the race from PA instead of Rochester) to race. I guess it's a good thing that I said f- it to finding a date for the wedding. Imagine how much a guy would love that.. "hey let's go to this wedding and then I'm going to wake you up the next day at 4 am so that you can go watch me race!" Hahah! Maybe this is why boys don't want to date me - I have a very distorted view of what constitutes FUN! (Triathlons are fun!) :)

Of course, this is all dependent on whether or not the race director lets me into the wave!


  1. Sounds like it will be fun! I think it would be exciting to race as an elite! I hope you hear back soon!

  2. YEAH! You are racing as an elite!! Awesome.

    Great dance moved BTW!

    And really, what guy wouldn't want to wake up at 4am to take his elite racer Ironman date to a race? That sounds like a really cool date to me! But I am one of those tri people... :)

  3. Awesome! Can't wait to read the race report!


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