Saturday, August 7, 2010

I just can't hold my liquor

Today was my first real ride back since the Ironman. I did an 80 min ride with some short tempo work. It felt GREAT! I really missed being on my bike! I would say my legs are slowly coming back to me. My quads still hurt a bit when I'm climbing, my hamstrings feel tight when I run, and my hips are still a little sore in general, but I am definitely feeling better!

There are a few things that I would just be absolutely miserable without. My bike is one of those things. Others include: the internet, my cat, and the ability to remove my pants immediately after entering my apartment (this could potentially be affected by having a roommate, thankfully I live alone).

Yesterday I finished working at 4 am (I know, my work schedule is nutso) so I got a few hours of sleep and then lazed around for most of the day - swam for 30 and ran for 30. I got my hair chopped off! Then I decided that I should at least pretend to have a social life so I went to a party for a friend. This party was at a bar that had an hour of open bar. When I am at an open bar, bad things happen. I was drunk literally 15 minutes after I got there. Maybe, when I haven't drank anything other than a beer or 2 for over a YEAR.. I shouldn't drink vodka. Or really, shouldn't drink at all! I DEFINITELY shouldn't be double fisting - EVER.

Anyways, by 9 pm I was drunk and feeling really shitty. I had gotten like 3 hours of sleep and I hadn't drank in forever. I had a headache and my tummy hurt. I asked my friend Amogh if it would be lame if I left. He said YES! I stayed until 10 pm and then I bailed. Man I am a loser.

This weekend is Park Ave. Fest. I HATE Park Ave. Fest. Why? Because I live on freaking Park Ave. They shut my entire street down so that vendors can sell their crap to a bunch of grandmas for a weekend. And then at night it's non-stop parties everywhere. I have to park my car on the street on Friday if I want to be able to go anywhere. And once I leave that parking spot, I will never get another one. Also, I hate parking on the street because I am worried that my car will get hit. I am holding out strong in my apartment until tomorrow when I actually have things to do. I think I am the only person with these negative feeling towards Park Ave. Fest and that's probably because I'm a people-hating recluse! OK perhaps that is an exaggeration - I don't hate people, but people do wear me out (introvert anyone?) and a day of weaving in and out of slow-walking people just does not appeal to me. However I did visit my friend Lindsay who has a booth set up with her paintings and I bought the one that she has been saving for me!

Tomorrow I have an Ironman celebratory cookout to attend, among other things. Tomorrow should be a fun day! Cheers to being social!


  1. HA! The same thing happens to me at an open bar! That painting looks awesome BTW. Way to get a big ride in, must feel awesome!

  2. Your posts make me LOL! haha! Geez, has it been 2 weeks already?


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