Tuesday, August 10, 2010

identity crisis

I was thinking today.. I cannot put my finger on when I stopped identifying myself as a runner who does triathlons, but instead, a triathlete. Probably sometime last season. This season has just solidified me as a tri-snob. I very rarely do any sort of running race (I did a few longer ones in my pre-season). I won't even do a duathlon anymore because I don't like not getting to swim. I only ride my tri bike. I wear a fuel belt on long runs AND sometimes I run in my tri shorts instead of regular running shorts. A 5K is way too short to race without feeling like I'm going to die. I have embraced swimming laps at the pool. I have seriously debated buying an aero helmet. My HR monitor is practically welded to me. I have traded my running visor for a white hat. I could go on.. and on.. and on. But I won't. :)

I feel like I have gone through an identity crisis. I only run 20 miles per week now. My shin splints that I had for like 5 years WENT AWAY! I am trying to figure out how to run a marathon with such low weekly mileage. Do I sacrifice my wish of being a marathoner for my triathlon training? The answer to this question is going to have to be yes.

Ugh. Sometimes it's hard to let go!


I had intended on booking a massage appointment this week. I would like to try to get my hamstring feeling a little better and I think that would help.. however, I completely forgot. I have yet to find a massage place in Rochester to which I am loyal. My pre-IM massage was really good - I went to a Massage Envy that had just opened up, however I cannot go back there! There was a really hot guy working there (not the masseuse) who was really nice to me probably just trying to sell me a massage package and was asking me all sorts of questions about the Ironman. So in a stupid burst of self confidence, I gave him my phone number. I cannot even explain how out of character that is for me. I called my friend Ari immediately after I left and was like "you will NEVER GUESS what I just did." and when I told her, she just laughed her ass off. Of course he never called me, and I don't care, but there is no way I can show my face in that place again.

That is the first - and last - time I will ever give my phone number to a random guy.


  1. Suggestions: Do the Mendon Du in the fall and crush it..just swim in a pool afterwards. Buy the aero helmet for races only, the Rudy Project looks to be a winner. Visors are sweet, why the love loss? Get a road bike so your tri baby can take some time to rest and recover :) and yes you can run a marathon scant mileage, no problem.

  2. Follow a Furman First marathon plan. They are basically running dominate triathlon training plans. You can do both.

  3. haha I didn't laugh my ass off, I just laughed...brave girl! You should go back there just to see how awkward he might feel.


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