Monday, August 23, 2010

hello burnout, my name is Alexa

I hate to say this. I really really hate it. But I am burnt the f- out.

Admitting burnout is like admitting defeat.

I have never felt like this. I have never skipped workouts before. I have never not wanted to do my workouts! I rode the Syracuse course hoping it would motivate me and instead it just left me feeling like I am going to suck on race day. Not a good attitude to have!

Today I had a 1 hour OWS on my schedule. I drove down to the lake - probably a 45 min drive. It was freaking COLD and rainy out. I swam one loop of the buoys doing intervals - hard to a buoy, easy to the next buoy, repeat, repeat, repeat. I got back to the buoy closest to the shore, stopped, and had a 5 min. debate with myself whether to just get out of the water and call it a day, or to head back out and do another loop. I managed to convince myself to do that 2nd loop. Mainly because I didn't want to see that 30 min. deficit on my weekly training schedule. I forgot my watch so I don't even know how long I swam for. 2 loops probably is less than 1 hour but f- that.

This sucks. I am so disappointed in myself for feeling like this! I am the last person to have a bad attitude towards training. I am ALWAYS ready to train and race! What is wrong with me??!

I will power through until Syracuse. I have to because I already registered and I will not waste $250. I still WANT to do Syracuse. I just can't get my body to cooperate.

Maybe the fall weather will motivate me when it gets here. I do love fall! :)

Also big congrats to Jon for a smokin' fast time of 5:08 at Timberman, Mandy with a time of 6:50 at Timberman, my friend Brett for PRing an unknown half-IM in a time of 4:55, and Coach Mary for winning the Delta Lake Triathlon (also all of the people that I know raced but it would take FOREVER to list you all)! Look at all of you speedy mcspeedsters out there!


  1. Girl..... YOU JUST DID AN IRONMAN A MONTH AGO! This is 100% normal trust me. The good feelings will be back after a break! I PROMISE!

  2. I agree, post ironman blues. You will get your mojo back. Check out these links:

  3. TOTALLY normal! I always say-don't make any major decisions until at least 6-8 weeks after ironman! Ok-this is jo-apparently my daughter ally has a google account!

  4. Hang in there!! Sounds like you just need a little break!

  5. Im with you. i WANT to do all this stuff, but my body just will not cooperate! We need to invent a magic pod you can go into after an IM and it automatically makes you ready to go again!!

  6. I agree with what everyone else has said. You probably just mentally need a break b/c you just did an Ironman! Don't be too hard on yourself, because it's totally normal!

  7. Major bummer! Does it feel like, "How do I top Placid? and the all of the excitement and buildup to Placid?" and then your body is like, "NOPE! done!"??? Just think ahead to your double year next year. That gets me all excited!

    You are still a rockstar in my book and everybody's elses book. Next year you are going to reconquer your mojo ten fold!


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