Tuesday, August 31, 2010

understanding the tri-chick

I have decided to compile a list of tips so that men can better understand the inner-workings of tri-chicks.

DISCLAIMER: I really have no idea what I'm talking about. Clearly this is just based on my own personal experience. Also, this is aimed at no one in particular. This tri-chick is single. :)

I'm going to define tri-chicks as women who are obsessed with triathlon. Most of these women: hate missing workouts, still want to be thought of as pretty even when they have just finished 6 hours of riding/blowing snot rockets, enjoy when they can outride men but they want their boyfriend/husband to be faster so they can brag to other tri-chicks, want to know more about fixing their bicycles, cry at some point over a failed training ride or race, get intimidated when faster looking, fitter tri-chicks show up at races.

Tip #1: Don't complain when your tri-chick goes out on a training ride. Use this time to get your own training in or go with her!! (Because really, should a tri-chick date anyone other than a tri-dude?)

Tip #2: Tell your tri-chick that she is pretty, or hot, or is smokin' fast. Or SOMETHING. Sometimes, girls need validation. This is true for all girls. I don't care how self confident a girl is, compliments are necessary.

Tip #3: Do something with your tri-chick that doesn't involve triathlon. As much as we love triathlon and could talk about it 24/7, it's nice to get a break. It's nice to put clothes on that don't include shoes with cleats or a sports bra. Here is a perfect opportunity to tell your tri-chick that she cleans up nice!

Tip #4: When a tri-chick is going on and on and on about some other tri-chick's race splits, and she is trying to figure out who is faster, just agree with her. I know it's boring, but sometimes we get obsessed with our competition. Unless you have something constructive to add, or new data that you discovered via race result stalking - then by all means, pipe up!

Tip #5: Sometimes, after a long ride, a tri-chick's crotch hurts. Do I have to explain further?

In all seriousness, I think most ladies just want to be appreciated. I know that I have dated a whole bunch of jerk-ish guys that did not care whether or not they were dating me. I would happy if a guy was just nice to me for a change!


  1. LOVE IT! forwarding to that boy that i like.

  2. I LOVE this post! It is all pretty much true! :)

  3. Woot!! Nice post!! And I do date a Tri-DUde!!

  4. I am supposed to make a note that someone is currently being nice to me!

  5. hahahaha I love Tip#5 - and this isn't just for tri-chicks...this applies to mountain biking chicks as well! Awesome post, Chickie! And 'someone' better be nice to you! :)

  6. Sometimes, after a long ride, a tri-DUDE'S crotch hurts too.

  7. Hilarious post and all very true. I think your tri-chick description fits me perfectly!


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