Wednesday, August 11, 2010

it's long and thick. what is it?

Today I bought something new. Something magical. Something that I should have bought a long time ago. No, not a vibrator.

A foam roller!

You see, my poor right hamstring has been bothering me for a while. I will give a ballpark estimate of: 1 year. Sometimes it's ok. Sometimes it's tight. Lately, it has been annoying me. Running for 26.2 miles did not make my hamstring happy. And since I don't have the money for an on-call masseuse (or a pool boy who gives massages, or really anyone that I can convince to make my poor hammie feel better) I am going the DIY method with this. Yes, it was $40. Yes, it is orange. And perhaps it was the official foam roller used at Ironman Lake Placid (and no this did not sway my decision AT ALL. NEVER!).

I have only used it once - today before work. I basically put it between me and the floor, under my hamstring, and rolled. You have to rotate your leg to roll the entire muscle. And then I faced the wall and put it under my hip and rolled. It really works! I could feel relief from the tightness.

My foam roller may be my new best friend! :)


  1. Awesome ! I've been wanting to get one of those. Good luck with your hammie.

  2. I use my foam roller religiously after stretching. It really keeps my muscles loose!

  3. I LOVE the foam roller. I am on it so much I think my boyfriend is jealous. That sounded bad. But you know what I mean, that thing is awesome.

  4. If it's orange and $40, you probably have a Grid. That's OK for myofascial release but I like the RumbleRoller ( better. Try it next if you don't get enough relief. I bought both, but now use the RR exclusively. Its bumps get deeper into the muscle, which is especially good for thicker areas like hamstring.

  5. it IS the grid! thanks for the advice :)


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