Wednesday, August 4, 2010

wrapping up the 2010 season

I had a meeting Tuesday morning with my coach after I got out of work. I got there 20 mins early so I *may* have taken a nap at one of the tables at Starbucks. :)

My coach is very accessible. She is my friend on facebook, she uses gmail and google groups, and she texts. It's pretty easy to track her down if you have a question (unless she's out riding or training). Nothing that we talked about this morning was urgent, but it's always nice to be able to have a face to face meeting.

My race schedule for the remainder of the year is finalized. I have Syracuse 70.3 on Sept. 19 and the Toronto Marathon on Oct. 17. Then I'm done. Then I take several weeks of an off-season. I will begin my base building for next year sometime in November.

I chose these 2 races in particular for several reasons.

-It's close so I can pre-ride the bike course and check out the run course in a day trip.
-I can do it with almost 0 travel expenses because a teammate Mike has so generously offered our team a place to crash Saturday night AND a delicious pre-race dinner. I may end up in a sleeping bag on the floor but I don't care!
-It gives me a nice big race to round out the season. I look at Tinman as a season opener (more or less) and Syracuse as a closer.
-I have never done an M-Dot half-IM so this race is appealing in that sense.
-There are Clearwater slots. According to Mary, Clearwater should be on my radar.
-There are a bunch of us doing it - so I feel like it will be like Lake Placid all over again!
-I am itching for a PR.. basically I'm looking to get as close to 5 hours as I can!

I guess I have a LOT of reasons to do Syracuse! Which is why I am skipping my favorite triathlon EVER (they are on the same day) in order to race this half-IM.

Toronto Marathon
-I have some unfinished business with Mr. 26.2. I need to run a marathon and come out not feeling like my legs need to be amputated. I don't care what my time is.. I just want to execute it well.
-The stupid race is in Canada so all of the distance markers, aid stations, etc. are in stupid kilometers. Stupid Canadians! (HAHAH! I'm totally kidding about Canadians being stupid).
-The timing and location of this race is good. That's really the only reason I chose it. I can do it with 1 night in a hotel, no days off work, and I think my friend Ari is going to do it too so we can split a room. Quick, cheap, I'm sold.

And right now, I need to be cheap. I'm thinking about selling some of my stuff a la Turbo Curbeau. Although I don't think I have anything worth selling (I'm not selling my furniture either!!!). Mary tells me that I have a shot at a Clearwater spot if I race well in Syracuse (either by qualifying or by rolldown) and all I can think of is "oh crap.. that's even more money that I have to find."

After next year, I may have to take a year off from Ironman just for financial reasons. I guess it's a little too far ahead to think about that, but I need to get it in my mind now so that if that's what needs to happen, I won't be super disappointed.

I need a sugar daddy. ;)


  1. I will be up in Toronto this weekend running part of the course.

    I will warn the Canadians of your arrival.

  2. See, you should have picked up that 45-49 dude!! LOL

  3. Totally rooting for you for that Clearwater spot. THEN your season won't be over, now will it!

  4. Whahooo Clearwater!!

    Good luck with the rest of your training!

  5. A spot at Clearwater would be awesome!

    It is scary how much we spend on this sport...


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