Thursday, August 12, 2010

race resume

OK, so I just spent the last hour or so doing pretty much the dorkiest thing I could ever do. I created a "race resume." I'm not exactly sure if that is something that exists, but I am going to attempt to get some sponsors for next season. I have absolutely no idea how to do this but I figured having all of my race times and results in one place is a good idea. Also I wrote up a sweet little bio and included some photos and my PRs at various race distances.

I'm not very creative; I mean my degree is in Biology. I can write and format the hell out of a lab report, although it may bore your tail off, but marketing-type stuff intended to make people like me - such as a resume - I am just not good at designing. (Plus, I hate the Microsoft Word that is out now because it is way different than what I used to use in college!) Once I get over the embarrassment of having made the stupid thing, I might let someone help me with it.

I'm not even sure if this is the way to go about getting a sponsor? I mean right now I could just spam a bunch of companies with this resume. But would that work? I have no idea.

If you have sponsors and would like to advise, please feel free! :)


  1. it's so expensive to do tri's I wanna a sponsor next year too! :)

    good luck!

  2. id reach out to kelly c.....

    the one thing, at our level, is you have to add value in a big way. race results mean next to nothing unless you win everything you show up to. In fact, I find sponsors are more interested in BOP athletes who can add major value then FOP athletes who just have good results.

    Figure out how to add value, and they will flow to you.....

    One thing you may consider is to ask advice from those you want to be sponsored by. Start with the companies whos products you love and use simply because you love them. Find out who is in charge of the marketing/sponsors, and tell them how much you love the product (it better be true!...:)...), and how you could go about sharing your experience with other athletes....

    just some thoughts as to how I would approach it.

  3. x2 with Cusetri. Some blogs out there are from athletes that are by no means getting top 3 in their AG. I'm in the same boat trying to get some sort of sponser even if it's just gear or nutrition. Anything helps. I would also advertise your blog with your race results as a way you connect with other athletes.


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