Monday, August 30, 2010

new week, new leaf

All of last week I was just wishing for the week to be over, and now it is Monday and my wish has come true! New week, new leaf, new attitude for this girl. Time to get my MOJO back (according to MARY!)!!!

I had a decent training weekend. Mary cut my workouts down due to my incessant whining last week. It was Mary's version of the hug I was so desperately seeking! I rode 2:30 instead of 3 on Saturday and ran 1:20 on Sunday instead of 1:30. (I was supposed to cut them down to ride 2 hrs/run 1 hr - I went a little over on both days). The ride went ok, albeit slowly, and I did stop halfway up a big hill (Miller Hill for you locals) because my heart felt like it was going to pound out of my chest. I know I can (I have) ride up this hill.. when I have other people watching me. When I am alone, I stop. Pussy. My run Sunday was ok. It was trail-ish running so that was different but it was pretty hot out. I do have new sneakers though so I'm hoping those will help my legs feel better.

IM Louisville was on Sunday so I tried to track my friends at various points throughout the day - they had a SCORCHER of a day for their race (it was 96 degrees out) and apparently the aid stations ran out of water for a portion of the bike course. I'm not exactly sure how that happened. My creepy blog friend Jon just informed me that over 800 people DNFed.. YIKES!

Sunday I also went to the New York State Fair which is in Syracuse. I have been an official resident of NY since 2007 however I have NEVER been to the state fair. I ate a lot of good food, drank several wine slushies, saw some animals, played with a llama (probably the highlight of my day - I wanted to steal it!). I learned that there are several things that 2 straight men should never do together (per Ultra Adam). These things include: riding down one of those double tubes at a water park, riding on a tandem bicycle, going to a horse show together, and diving simultaneously into a pool of water (shirtless, of course).

Now I am back in Rochester and back to work on my 2nd week of evenings in a row. I shouldn't complain because I willingly switched with other people and that is what landed me with these weeks of B-shift. I don't mind switching. ESPECIALLY this week because it got me off of overnights. However, I am starting to feel a little deprived of human contact. When I am on evenings I don't talk to anyone! I haven't seen my friend Ari since the week I came back from Placid, and I haven't seen Kim since the Ironman picnic.

I would definitely not consider myself to be overly-social but I miss my friends!

I will live. And I have a 3 day weekend coming up!


  1. you forgot one thing - two men should never share an umbrella.

  2. whoa! i have only made it through the first paragraph, and I am already commenting. Mary stole the mojo from me! Last week, it was *my* week to get the mojo back. it came back (i think...), and now I am happy to pass it to you. :) welcome to the get the mojo back bandwagon. let's stay on it for say, another 3 weeks.

  3. the mojo has not yet arrived Amelia..


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